StarTimes Shows Innovation Through Local Content


The saturation of the Nigerian entertainment scene with contents of similar themes has fueled a growing yearning for fresh and unique programmes. From movies to music videos and even reality shows, it is the same serving, as creatives continue to churn out similar contents.

The need for producers to think out of the box and come out with world-class ideas saw StarTimes and VSkit, a social media application debuting a one-of-a-kind reality show, Voice to Fame.

Devoid of anything typical, It’s a show that has proudly Nigerian content, which takes credit for being the first pidgin dubbing competition. It features notable faces in the movie industry, including leading actors Femi Adebayo, who is the host; Mide Martins, Charles Okocha, popular as Igwe; 2Pac, Nkechi Blessing, and others.

Voice to Fame, which is a 13-episode show sees eight contestants competing against celebrities for a chance to win a grand prize of N2 million. While the contest lasts, the competition will be hinged on the re-enactment of classic movies and TV plays, Rap battles and lip-sync taken from clips of movies and TV shows with a focus on vocal delivery and demonstrative facial expressions.

Sponsored by VSkit, Viju Milk, Heritage Bank, and Opera News, the next couple of weeks will see Nigerians being treated to pure bliss via the Voice to Fame reality show available to all on the leading digital pay-TV network, StarTimes.