RayK Collections to Release New Vintage Danshiki Wears


Remi Adeyinka is the Creative Director of RayK Collections and he started his journey as far back as 2012 when he was learning the art of fashion and branding. He officially kicked off his fashion brand in 2017 and has recorded massive successes since then.

According to Adeyinka, “My brand was created to creatively bridge the gap between high quality and affordability. 

We don’t just create designs for high income earners but also for the average and low income earners.

Going into summer, the brand has decided to go into a new collection which has been craftily designed to perfection, seasoned with excellence and adored with quality. 

Promises to be a piece everyone would look forward to having in their wardrobes.”

Remi added: “My last collection was centered around the rainy season and as the weather is gradually changing, we decided to bring the whole cultural Dansiki to life. We are spicing it up with an urban touch and it would be reinventing what we are used to.”