In Abuja, Author marks 40th Birthday with Book Launch


Yinka Olatunbosun

An Abuja based lawyer and writer, Panshak Haggai is ready to celebrate his 40th birthday with a book party. The celebration scheduled to hold on August 17 at Mungo Park Garden, Area 11, Garki Abuja will see the unveiling of his maiden novel, “Storm in a Pot.’’

The author who had previously written two books, “Principles of Nigerian Law and Nigerian Business” and “Cooperative Law” is motivated by the resilience of the human heart.

With his latest work, “Storm in a Pot’’, Haggai reveals his first published fiction writing. Inspired by social realities, Haggai unleashes his deep-seated love for creative writing rooted in pertinent moral truths.

The plot of “Storm in a Pot’’ centres on an incredibly resilient woman called Sikimi, a resident in Aisika village. The reader is ushered through her turbulent experiences of unfulfillment, acute poverty and a miscarriage that almost cost her life. In addition to her personal challenges, she is faced with the task of single-handedly parenting seven children after being abandoned by her husband Edivo.

Her relationship with her adventurous teenage daughter, Nemsi, reveals Sikimi’s personality as a typical lower-class African mother. The unexplained disappearance of Edivo mounts some pressure on Sikimi, but in spite of the challenges that follow, Sikimi remains strong and resolves to tow the path of integrity and honor as she carried on her parental duties for her desperate daughter.

The sudden appearance of Qauna, Edivo’s daughter from another woman introduces an interesting twist to the story. Not only did it deepen the reality of betrayal for Sikimi but it also proved to be a blessing in disguise for the family as the story progresses.

Through the eyes of Sikimi, the readers travel through the tortious journey undertaken daily by countless of women in Africa who languish silently in poverty, oppression and other diverse forms of economic, social and religious injustice. They courageously bear all these for the sake of their children and families. The story reinforces the value of determination and courage that are required to rise above the storms of life.