Saraki: Kwara Gov Hangs Plans for Ilorin Emirate Dubar

Bukola Sarak

Kwara State Governor, Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman may have begun to show his hands early as he recently disrupted and hung the plans by the committee in charge of the popular Ilorin Emirate Dubar, because former Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki was made a guest of honour and his name on the invitation cards.

THISDAY gathered that the organisers of the annual event, which always holds during the eid-el-kabir celebration, have had a running battle with the governor following his disapproval of Saraki as a guest of honour to the event.

While the governor was said to have insisted that Saraki must not feature in this year’s Dubar in whatever form, organisers of the event were said to have told him that it would be impossible to brush aside the holder of the title, Waziri Ilorin, adding that not only must he be invited, his name must be on the invitation cards.

But after the governor insisted that such a thing would not happen under his watch, THISDAY gathered that the organisers of the event have had to reprint the invitation cards about three times, deleting Saraki’s name from the latest reprint.

Apart from being alleged to have rejected the initial samples of the invitation cards shown to him (the governor), he also insisted that the sitting arrangements as explained to him was not feasible, because it positioned Saraki in a prominent position.

This is why on the three times that samples of the invitation cards were allegedly printed and shown to the governor, he was said to have rejected them on those three occasions, because according to a source close to the organisers, he wanted “everything Saraki” completely deleted, reiterating that Saraki would not be involved in this year’s Dubar activities.

Although the event planners were said to have fixed an appointment to see him, hoping that if they met him in person and explained to him, he might have a