Group Condemns Protest


Ezekiel Okpuzor

Leaders of the group, Democracy Watch Africa, has frowned at the planned #RevolutionNow protest, and therefore called for caution to avoid overheating the polity.

The umbrella body of over 30 civil society organisations in West Africa said the planned protest is a grave misdemeanor that must be viewed from the prism of treason against Nigeria as there are from all indication no justification whatsoever to warrant such act under whatever guise.

Speaking at the rally held in Lagos yesterday, President of the group, Josephine Okpara, warned and demanded the expulsion of Amnesty International (AI) from Nigeria, alleging that AI is the sponsor of the planned revolution.

The group at its emergency extraordinary general meeting held in Lagos yesterday to review the state of the nation and the planned nationwide protest tagged: #RevolutionNow, “wishes to state that the organisers of the planned protest are acting against the interest of Nigeria as a country and Nigerians as a people under the active support of some external forces that are bent on destabilising the country.”

The group also warned against the protest saying: “It’s a grave offence that must be viewed from the prism of treason against the Nigerian state as there is no indication to justification or warrant such a despicable act under whatever guise.

“The Democracy Watch Africa views such actions as despicable, ill-timed, mischievous and orchestration of some external forces which have some collaborators in Nigeria like the AI whose actions in recent times have indicated that its mission in Nigeria is to cause disaffection and mutual suspicion between the government and the people.”

Okpara added: “In the light of the fact that the calls for a revolution in Nigeria is the handiwork of the enemies of Nigeria, the Democracy Watch Africa wishes to bring to the attention of Nigerians that the real protest should be against the expulsion of Amnesty International from Nigeria, whose presence in Nigeria has caused more harm than good through its nefarious activities.

“Amnesty International has a history of causing disaffection and misgivings in all the countries they have offices, and the case of Nigeria is not different as evident in their yearly reports and public statements that have been critical of policies of the government of Nigeria in instances too numerous to mention.

“It will indeed be a great shame on us as a people if we as Nigerians fall for the booby-trap set for us by AI and their paymasters in Nigeria and other parts of the world towards ensuring that Nigeria does not experience peace and progress.