Lai, Not Liar Mohammed…Copy That?

Lai Mohammed

During his screening last week, former Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, told the senators to ignore people, who run to the social media to tag him a liar and consequently calling him “Liar Mohammed”.

He also went on to challenge anyone to come out and tell instances, where he had lied. Uncomfortable with the appellation, he claimed his 7 years old grandson often asked why people called him a liar.

Curiously, the first shot at this unsavoury nametag for Alhaji Mohammed was allegedly made by one of the former leaders of Afenifere, who retorted at a meeting: “Lai can lie!” Perhaps, reacting to how the former minister always presented some issues back in the day, the statement, coming from the late Afenifere leader, who used to live in a part of Lagos, where traffic is today strangulating businesses, had attracted huge laughter from those at the meeting.

But the minister came out last week to denounce the appellation and to also add that he had never lied in the discharge of his duty. And so, for the record, he reiterated to the senate of the whole that he was ‘Lai Mohammed’ and not ‘Liar Mohammed’ and that should be it. Hope those trying to make a mess of his name copied that? Next!