Aregbe Charges First Ladies On Cultural Appreciation

The Chief Executive Officer of Africa’s largest cultural fusion, Culturati, Aregbe Idris has called on Nigeria’s First Lady, Mrs Aisha Buhari, and the thirty six states’ First Ladies to employ the instrument of their offices in spearheading innovative programmes to raise the bar of cultural appreciation in the country.
The charge was contained in a press release made available to newsmen today, in Lagos.
Aregbe noted that the preservation of Africa’s rich culture demands a collective responsibility from all quarters, which he described as the “fundamental obligation of patriotic Africans.”
He further disclosed that the movement would not only sustain the African cultural values, but it would also foster growth, peace, unity and harmony amongst warring ethnicities.
“This is a clarion call to the wife of our dear President, Mrs Aisha Buhari and the wives of State governors in the country to use the influence of their offices in spearheading cultural-oriented programmes that will effectively educate the younger generation on Africa’s rich cultural heritage and the gains of exploiting the business angle of our culture.”
“This effort will certainly spark unprecedented growth, respect, peace and unity amongst the different ethnic groups in the country,” Aregbe added.
He stated that the initiative would serve as a model for peace and unity, which will encourage widespread cultural appreciation in the country.
Speaking on the benefits of promoting the African culture, the CEO said, “When we promote, identify and celebrate different cultures, it simply means that we appreciate the values rooted in that culture; which in a way, promotes a lifestyle of unity that can, over time, become our defining principles. We can only tap the rich benefits in our culture if we initiate cultural programmes that can appeal to the young ones, support the creative industry, encourage SMEs and grow a crop of young cultural lovers that will propagate our priceless heritage to the world.”
“CULTURATI is a platform for activating the business aspects of our culture, exploring the hidden potentials of culture, identifying talents, promoting a culture of entrepreneurship through cultural appreciation and empowerment, amongst other rewarding endeavours.”
Aregbe, however, stated that the brand, Culturati would continue to initiate effective cultural activities in order to ensure that the youths are left with a strong and valuable heritage to preserve, which will in turn be handed down to succeeding generations.