Zamfara: What’s APC Thinking?


The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) recently wrote to the apex court in the land to review its judgment in Zamfara State, where it maintained the disqualification of the party in the 2019 general election. Again, in its response, the Supreme Court dismissed the concern of the APC.

The fact that it is a rudimentary knowledge in law that whatever is upheld at the Supreme Court, either good or bad, is the final, naturally stokes disbelief that the ruling party of all, could choose to “try its luck” in a matter it (APC) was solely responsible for, at least in the estimation of the public.

If anything, there is no better definition of the phrase “abuse of process” than what the APC attempted to do with the Zamfara case. If there was a need at all for any such move, the main opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) should have considered this route on the Osun governorship matter.

But that the APC could attempt such a futile effort is both embarrassing and disappointing. Whatever the party and its leadership were thinking, they certainly meant mischief and it is sad that this came from a party that’s literally hawking integrity on the nation’s political firmament. Absolute nonsense!