UMEH Group Expands on Media Businesses in Africa

Xolane Ndhlovu

Xolane Ndhlovu

Mary Nnah

UMEH Group, a South African organisation with interests in Real Estate, Finance and Blockchain Tech. has made new inroad into West Africa countries and other parts of Africa through its media group. This is as a result of its desire to focus on telling inspiring African stories.

UMEH Group a multi- national conglomerate based in South Africa, is involved in industries including, publishing, tech, logistics, media, block chain, real estate and finance. The flagship company of the group is UMEH Group Limited headquartered in Johannesburg.

Founded by Xolane Ndhlovu, a multi-millionaire born to South African and Nigerian parents, the holding management firm has been turned into one of the most prominent privately-owned tech asset management companies in South Africa.

“UMEH Group invests in, empower and grow companies in media production, publishing, financial management, consulting, investment, technology and broadcasting-enabled organisations led by world-class management team. As a value-added investor through our subsidiaries with a long-term perspective, UMEH contributes professional expertise and multi-level support towards companies to realize their full potential”, said COO of UMEH Media, Davin Chetty during a chat with journalist in Lagos.

Speaking further on why UMEH is expanding its media arms, Chetty, said UMEH’s investment approach is anchored by a sizable long-term capital base, experience in structuring technology-oriented transactions, and proven management techniques that yield flexibility and opportunity.

UMEH Media includes Affluent TV, Affluent Africa, Star Magazine, Daily Africa, FX magazine, MLM Magazine, DJ Mag Africa, Crypto Magazine, PlusSize magazine.

Stressing that Africa is enjoying massive growth, Editor of one of media arms of Umeh Media, Daily Afrika, Collins Hinamundi, said, “West Africa is one of the fastest growing regions in Africa. We want to be there as the region rises, and tell these and more stories.

“We want take part and also influence the conversations that take Africa forward.”

On plans to establish a Nigerian office, Hinamundi said: “A Nigeria office would ensure that we are on the ground in a key regional influencer, and are able to grow as an organisation in the region. Nigeria especially is a power player on the continent and we are enthusiastic to coordinate our operations from Abuja and Lagos.”

The media top manager said Affluent is set to become UMEH Media biggest media venture with Affluent TV being on the pipeline.

Buttressing on what he considered the secret of the company’s recently-acquired success, Hinamundi said, “One of the most important aspects about our company is that we the work we do has very long-term orientation. Our decisions are based on long-term basis”, staff members said. “For this reason, we are encouraged to work and act ethically, and in accordance to the best interests of our clients. Also, we like independent thinking; we look for new routes, and try to avoid the beaten paths.”

The man behind the brand, Xolane Ndhlovu is described as one of the humblest people you will ever meet. He is an incredibly curious person. He is also enormously generous and strong-willed.

Ndhlovu manages the investment strategies of the company currently a multi-million rand empire. Born to John Umeh and Suzan Ndhlovu, Xolane Ndhlovu is a philanthropist and businessman from Mpumalanga, South Africa. He is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, where he received an MBA.

Ndhlovu also initiated the #FundKidsLikeSuccess campaign, an international campaign that funds kinds of limited means across Africa. UMEH Group Educational Fund donated N10 million as seed capital. This money will provide scholarships to prospective new students throughout Africa. Ndhlovu is credited with conceptualizing and implementing the campaign, and will be the initial chairperson of the endowment’s board of trustees. The foundation aims to become a major international movement.

He has personally committed to pay for the school and University education of several children. Xolane is also a lover of music and has been a disc jockey for quite some years and eventually found a way to monetise his love for music creating The UMEH Music, Ziggy’s Entertainment and the UMEH Media.

According to him, his story wouldn’t be possible without the self-determination and perseverance and more importantly, the faith and love people around him showed.

“My story brings to mind the words of Nelson Mandela, ”Difficulties break some men but make others. No axe is sharp enough to cut the soul of a sinner who keeps on trying, one armed with the hope that he will rise even in the end” and here the sinner is Xolane Ndhlovu,” he said.

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