Author Identifies Importance of Digital Marketing to Entrepreneurs


Raheem Akingbolu

The digital world will this Saturday receive a boost with the launch and presentation of a new book “Reasons Entrepreneurs must embrace Digital Marketing.” The presentation is scheduled to take place in Lagos.

As part of the activities put in place to push the book, some notable individuals would be honoured for their support towards the production of the book and award of recognition would be presented to some individuals.

According to the Author March Oyinki, the book would help digital migrants unfamiliar with today’s digital reality to function.

The new book would also help those in the academia, who sometimes find digital marketing incomprehensible because of the intricate nature of the subject, which is dynamic and tends to change quite rapidly, to catch up.

“That is true especially when you consider the array of digital marketing channels that one must contend with when developing a corporate digital marketing strategy” Oyinki said.

The author said digital marketing still poses a challenge even for the millennial generation who are so Internet savvy, as many of them erroneously see digital marketing mainly as social media.

He said the 250-page book, should be a must read by all who want to benefit from the new, engaging digital world.

The book “Reasons Entrepreneurs Must Embrace Digital Marketing”, a thirty-chapter book scintillates with all the dynamics, trends and indeed, the ABC of digital marketing.

It is a hands-on guide to the subject, written specifically to provide guidance to start-ups and entrepreneurs who are finding new, innovative and effective ways to engage millions of Internet users surfing for products and services, with the intent to drive traffic to their websites and scale up businesses in quantum leaps.

The book reveals some of the intricacies of digital marketing that will help readers have clear understanding, expand and transform their digital experience in the emerging global digital world.