IBB Ladies Hold Children Golf Clinic


Olawale Ajimotokan and Udora Orizu, Abuja

The Ladies Section of IBB International Golf and Country Club, Abuja has started this year’s children golf development programme.

The clinic, which will be in three phases, will teach the kids how to play golf, the rules of the game and on etiquettes of golf.

The Vice-captain of the section and the Chairperson of this year’s development programme, Mrs Mary-Rose Richard Obiora, disclosed that it will run over two weeks and is designed for kids between five and 18 years.

“We planned for 120 kids but right now we have 105 kids which is quite impressive. We have three categories, five to nine years, 10 to 14 years then 15 to 18 years. We have seasoned professionals to take them through, then intermittently the children will be given quiz and some competitions, so that at the end we have some prizes and certificates being awarded to them, including medals and handicap certificates,” Richard- Obiora said.

She noted that those that are issued handicaps at the end of the programme, will qualify for the IBB Junior Open that comes up from August 7-10.

The kids are being tended to by seasoned professional golfers, one of whom is Nigeria’s first female professional, Uloma Mbuko.

Mbuko explained that the philosophy behind the clinic is to catch the talent young and instill in them the discipline and etiquettes of the game.

“Presently we are doing well in the golfing industry, we have been able to raise two international players, including Iyene Essien. The idea is that we will be able to select the future stars, nurture them and with the approval of their parents, send them off for proper training programme and watch their development,” Mbuko said.