Firm Introduces New Plumbing Equipment


By Ugo Aliogo

CORMART Nigeria Limited has recently launched a new resin-based PVC adhesive for plumbers. According to a statement signed by the company, the new adhesive called VinkoGit is a special glue used for joining PVC pipes, a key material in plumbing and construction.

CORMART’s General Manager, Dr. Johannes Flosbach, described the solution as a premium product, compared to imported ones.
He explained that the company intends to increase local production of many of its product offerings.
“We have a strategy to replace imported products with quality locally produced chemicals. We have a dedicated Research and Development department that continuously seeks to improve the quality of products by introducing better alternatives into the market,” he added.

The Business Unit Head of CORMART’s Adhesives Department, Mr. Diwakar Thiruvalam, explained that customers prefer the quality of the new adhesive and sales have already exceeded expectations.
He further stated that the company has partnered with the Plumbers Association of Nigeria and carried out trade sensitization programs across Nigeria, which have been very successful.