Heaven on Earth ….As Prince Bolu Akin-Olugbade Completes Multibillion-Naira Palace

Bolu Akin-Olugbade

Nobody forgets the first time they meet Prince Bolu Akin-Olugbade, who recently completed a wonder on earth edifice. Everyone wishes for an encore. Often it’s not first meeting that resonates but the first time he inspired them to look inwards and tap into their innate individuality and purpose.

Billionaire businessman and Abeokuta high chief Bolu Akin-Olugbade, has built one such edifice and to describe it as heavenly wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Indeed, for many who are well aware of their earthly sins, Prince Bolu’s Aare Onakakanfo Palace in Abeokuta is the closest experience to heaven they will ever have, in this world or the next.

A first-time visitor to the luxurious edifice would think that Buckingham Palace has somehow been transplanted to an undeserving corner of the third world. Describing it as merely a three-storey building would be an insult warranting arrest. The Palace has eleven gigantic bedrooms, each one en suite, fourteen chandeliers sprinkled generously around the house to give off an ambience of nobility, four huge sitting rooms tastefully furnished to Prince Bolu’s high standards. There is even a dining room that can fit a whole village if necessary, never mind a family; and an amphitheatre whose roof doubles as a helicopter pad.

The boys’ quarter in the palace has five bedrooms, each en suite. It is, by average standards, a palace in its own right. But Prince Bolu is certainly no average man. Only a place like this is worthy for someone like him who is perfect blend of inherited fortune and self-acquired riches. Silver spoons require silver houses and this mansion construed on an acre of land beside the Ogun River was definitely built to satisfy the considerable appetite of the suave blueblood.

The Rolls-Royce-loving dude will now shuttle between his new multibillion -Naira palace and his mansion in Beverly Hills Los Angeles. He officially moved into the house on May 29 after attending the inauguration of his bosom friend Dapo Abiodun. The two of them are neighbours at Millionaires Close, a street in the nouveau riche district of St John’s Wood, London.