Expert Calls for National Security Summit, Warns Issue Might  Cause National Chaos


Yinka Kolawole in  Osogbo

A security expert and Chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC ), Mr. Jackson Lekan Ojo, has  called on the federal government to as a matter of urgency, convene national security summit to find lasting solution to the problem of insecurity in the country. 

Ojo who is also a fellow of International Institute of Professional Security equally posited that if insecurity persisted,  it may eventually lead to national calamity and chaos.  

Speaking yesterday in an exclusive interview with THISDAY the security expert contended that after sometime, the state of insecurity may also make Nigerians not to have confidence in President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration again. 

According to him, “President Buhari should fast-track the immediate convocation of national security summit between now and August to address the security issues affecting the states of the nation.” 

He said the summit should not be politically motivated adding that the country needed intelligence architecture which would involve stakeholders such as traditional rulers,security experts, Army, Police, Customs, Naval personnel, Air Force, civil society organisations  and other relevant stakeholders across the country. 

The expert said the composition should be devoid of sentiments, regionalisation,tribal,ethnicity, religion consideration and should be done holistically. 

He also advised that the federal government should rise to this occasion so that security problem will be arrested in the country.

The security expert contended that access control system is the father of both physical and electronic security, while nothing that porous borders across the country was very weak which was equally responsible for nation wide insecurity. 

He further explained that unchallenged and uncontrolled access to the country from other neighbouring countries could as well be responsible for incessant insecurity in the country. 

The security expert equally posited that government at all levels should constitute with immediate effect community policing under the watch of traditional rulers in each areas and should devoid of sentiments and political parties. 

He stressed that through the impacts of community police and in relationships with the police commissioners across the states of the nation it will reduce the ugly trend. 


Mr. Ojo reiterated the fact that when there is unsafe nation securitywise economy of the country can never develop in meeting the aspirations of the people. 


While speaking further on the incessant killing of Nigerians in South Africa, the expert noted that the weak domestic and foreign policies of Nigeria’s government responsible for the killings. 


According to him, “Nigerians are not in any way inferior to the South African people, therefore, why should Nigerians be killed everyday in the country,” saying we assisted them to develop tremendously.


He then advised Nigerians government to be effective in this ugly matter and cautioned South Africa government to warn her people  from killing Nigerians henceforth.