Rider Lotto Poised to Alleviate Poverty in the Society


Mary Nnah

Mr. Ola Omotosho, Chairman of Ridersports Software Nigeria Limited, owner of Rider Lotto, a new entry into the lottery business, has revealed that the motive of his company is to alleviate poverty through lottery.

To this end, the company is giving opportunities to prospective players to achieve their lifetime dream by winning a whooping N1million and instant fortune with a paltry amount of N100.

Speaking during the launch of Rider Lottery in Lagos, Omotosho said that unlike most lotto operators, Rider Lotto is bent on affecting the life of its customers positively as well as the society it operates in.

“The game comes in variety of three: DailyMillion, LuckyLady and FoodBasket. It’s so easy to play and you could be an instant millionaire if you win through our powerball machine, which is the global best practice standard.

“We resort to just a hundred naira to play our games, to enable everyone afford to play. This is a golden opportunity to raise people out of poverty and improve their finances,” he said.

The Rider Lotto boss who said draws are ran live online daily and that it is transparent and genuine, affirmed that the company is poised to change the face of lottery business in the country as it pledged to stick to international best practices, and operate within the ambit of the law of the land.

“The industry is highly regulated and we have complied with all necessary requirements and that is why we are able to go head and launch. We are coming to the market with new innovations of roll over of jackpot, which has never been done in Nigeria”, he noted.

Speaking further Omotosho said, “Rider Lotto was licenced in 2017 and because of the technology involved, it has taken a mile stone to be able to come out and face the public.

In addition, Omotosho said that Ridersports Software Nigeria is committed to charity by ensuring that it constrains itself to uplifting the poor and less privileged in the society by various act of volunteer charity.

“If you go on our website, www.riderlottery.com, you could easily register. We are online 24\7. And you don’t have to pay any money until you are ready to play. And when you are ready to play, choose your memorable numbers from 1-49, then the system will take you to where you would submit and also where you can pay your #100.

“Even on your bed, you can play Rider lottery thanks to of our system which is highly sophisticated. And we can say that no hacker can hack into your mail because when you register with your email, you have to verify and only after you have varied that you can play on our system.

“It is the transparency that we are bringing to the market because we are using a power ball machine, which is screened live on TV, YouTube, on our website and then aired live on the Radio. And if you miss the live screening, you can easily see the past results on our website.

“We would not do any draw without the power ball. So, we have invested a lot on the system as well as on the technology and we want to say again to all players coming up to play with us that your security online is guaranteed”, he added.