Information Management Expert to Chair GFVC Federation


A Nigerian, Dr. Oyedokun Ayodeji Oyewole, the incumbent President and Chairman, Governing Council, Institute of Information Management (IIM Africa), has been appointed as Chairperson for Global Fashion Value Chain (GFVC) Federation of Africa and will preside over all African countries working groups.

Confirming the position in appointment letter signed by the Chairman of GFVC Federation of Africa, Leslie Becker, said he would supervise the Federation that berthed in 2016 and was designed for the entire community of Africa’s benefit to create the much-needed jobs and improve the 1 per cent global manufacturing of Africa’s 1.3 billion population.

Oyewole was expected to bring to bear, his experience in record information management to harness opportunity to map, integrate and disrupt the entire fragmented industry ecosystem on the basis of the fourth industrial revolution principles, and through partnerships, build the first smart institution of excellence in partnership with International and Continental Senior industry experts; Traditional Leadership, Businesses; Organised labour; Academic Institutions; African Governments and leading industry SMEs.

“The untapped potential presented by the African Fashion Value Chain, disruptive Global era, and AUs Continental Free-Trade Market has necessitated the collective multi-stakeholder partnership to action a collective high impact leadership role in re-industrialising the entire chain, identify and develop new innovative policies, and present Africa with a single common visionary roadmap that will unlock the entire African fashion value chain’s economic potential, achieve the 2030 SDGs, and GFVC Federation of Africa’s Vision.

GFVC’s vision is to develop a robust, disruptive African fashion value chain economy that solidifies Africa’s position in global manufacturing as innovative and competitive and a globally trusted Institution of excellence in Smart Manufacturing, Trade and Investment – that is also a resource to all of its Pan-African members and beneficiaries.