Suicide Not a Viable Option, Says BCI Boss


Esther Oluku

The Managing Director of Background Check International (BCI), Mr. Kola Olugbodi, has advised Nigerians never to attempt suicide due to depression or woes they may suffer as a result of the current state of the country.

Olugbodi who stated this at a media chat in Lagos while unveiling his book, ‘Through It All,’ charged Nigerians on the need to have a firm resolve to confront challenges and not be deterred in life.

“Confront your challenges. We all have the ability to confront every challenge that comes our way. The person who commits suicide adds to the sorrow of his family and friends,”he said.

The book, Through It All, which chronicles the life of the author, models how he came through his season of challenges.

Olugbodi said that his health crisis, infertility and business insolvency posed a major threat to his mental and emotional health.

According to him, suicide aggravates the situation, adding that “the strength of people should not fail during the times of adversity. Suicide does not change the situation, it only adds to it.

“You compound problems for your family. I contemplated suicide also but I thank God I didn’t go that way. Suicide is a cowardly way to sort things out. The bible says, if you fail in the days of adversity, your strength is small. Adversity helps to develop strength and stamina. If you fail, you never had strength in the first place. It was what I went through and experienced. When everything looks hopeless, keep your hope intact,” he added.