Between Senators Tinubu and Abbo

Elisha Abbo

Senator Elisha Abbo, last week, appeared before a Senate committee headed by Senator Oluremi Tinubu from Lagos and during interrogation, the exchanges became heated as both Abbo and Tinubu tried to establish their rights and authority.

Whilst Senator Tinubu tried to assert her “authority” as chair of the committee and practically talking down on the senator, Abbo, although had been arraigned for assault in a regular court, where he pleaded not guilty, did not fail to remind Senator Tinubu that appearing before her committee did not waive his rights and privileges as a sitting senator.

Expectedly, the video of the hot exchange went viral and people had since taken sides, naturally. Now, everyone agreed that the action of the senator at the adult store was reprehensible and this, he too admitted in his comprehensive apology issued consequently. But has that made him less who he is? No! Truth is that Senator Tinubu was uncharitable in the manner she addressed him, more so as a colleague, a development which provoked his reaction.

Whilst everyone condemns Abbo’s earlier action against a nursing mother, he cannot be judged on the basis of that in other areas or used as an opportunity to ride roughshod over him. As far as that exchange with Senator Tinubu is concerned, there was nothing wrong with Abbo’s conduct, which was provoked, but a lot was bad with how Senator Tinubu treated a colleague to such scorn and disdain.