Glo Offers Free Data on Open-market Nokia Smartphones


Esther Oluku

The digital transformation leader and telecommunications company, Globacom, has extended its data bundle offer to include Nokia smartphones purchased in open markets.

Globacom’s data bundle offers were before now restricted to smartphones purchased at the company’s retail outlets, Gloworld shops. With the new offering named ‘Smart Phone Data Bundle Offer’, any customer who buys Nokia devices from the open market would enjoy the free data bundle.

In a statement issued from the company’s headquarters in Lagos recently, Globacom announced that; “In conjunction with Nokia, the Smart Phone Data Bundle Offer would be available to customers who prefer to purchase select Nokia devices in open markets across the country. All qualifying devices will have stickers to reflect the offer”.

According to the company, the new offer gives a subscriber who purchases such a Nokia smartphone worth less than N80,000, an instant 500MB data. Thereafter, the subscriber gets additional 500MB every 10 days for additional five months upon a cumulative recharge of N500 per month.

On purchase of any Nokia Smartphone which costs between N81,000 and N150,000, the subscriber gets 750MB instantly and an additional 750MB per month for the next five months, while purchasing a Nokia smartphone worth more than N 150,000, gives the subscriber an immediate one GB free data and additional 1GB free data every month for five consecutive

“To enjoy this offer, a subscriber needs to buy a qualifying Nokia smartphone with the Glo Sticker, and insert a new or existing Glo SIM. He or she will then get an instant data bundle valid for 10 days. The next free data bundle will be given upon a cumulative recharge of N500 every month for additional five months”, the statement reiterated.

Globacom had in the past launched several consumer-friendly offers such as the Smartphone Festival, which gives the best deals on the latest smartphones and accessories with exciting rewards.