Who Is After Esther Ajayi?


Just as swords and bullets can decimate a body, vile gossip of the demeaning kind, even unsubstantiated stories, are often the death of reputation. One of the most popular evangelists around and the shining star of the white garment churches in Nigeria, Her Eminence Rev. Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi aka Iya Adura of Love of Christ C&S Church is the current target of shocking rumours that have been flowing underground for a while.

The woman who burst into the limelight in the United Kingdom before she brought her gospel of love to her native shores has been in West Africa for some time.
Ordinarily, that should not raise any eyebrows; after all, her Nigerian ministry is reaching so many lives and helping the less privileged to find succour and hope for a better tomorrow both temporally and eternally.

However, the unsubstantiated gossip which has been moving around like a slow-acting poison holds that she actually has a reason for not returning to her original base in the UK. 8tn8s claimed, though nobody is certain where the claim originated from, that the Love of Christ Cherubim & Seraphim Church, Clapham Road, London, the United Kingdom headquarters of her church, is under investigation for tax evasion.
As the founder and head of the congregation, it is said Rev Esther is wanted by the UK authorities to answer pertinent questions regarding her congregation’s alleged failure to remit lawful dues as required by the UK laws.

Hence, the white-garment superstar, the rumour claims, is giving the United Kingdom a wide berth for fear of possible arrest and detention.
This is in contrast with her stated wish to spend more time in Nigeria in order to better implement the humanitarian initiatives she’s put in place to cater for the downtrodden. Since she returned to the country, she has made those without a sustainable means of livelihood her number one priority.

Expectedly, the rumour has generated consternation among white garment churches who are afraid of the mere chance their beacon of hope in a time of disunity might be tainted by allegations of fraud. Many are waiting on Rev Esther to come out publicly to debunk the gossip as malicious slander not worth paying attention to.

Others are wondering whether this isn’t a scheme concocted by those jealous of her achievements to pull her down some notches. Whatever the case, an extended visit or stay in one of the UK nations would silence the gossip once and for all.