Golden Moments… As New-Look Femi Solebo Celebrates 50th Birthday


How do you celebrate the golden anniversary of a beloved husband and life partner with whom you have rocked and rolled through calm waters and stormy seas? With a lavish birthday shindig of earth-shattering proportions, surely? But Sandra Solebo, the beautiful wife of business guru Femi Solebo begs to differ. Going by how she threw a classy but low-key soiree for her husband as he turned 50, there is no need to invite the whole world and their dog. A few close friends and associates gathered in genuine communion is enough.

Femi Solebo, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Notore Power, a subsidiary of Notore Chemicals Ltd, hit the magic age of 50 a few days back and his wife Sandra did the honours as hostess of what guests described as a soiree that made up for in class what it lacked in grandness. A few of Solebo’s fellow industry bigwigs with whom he has developed a close relationship were in attendance to pay homage to one of their own as he transitioned into the latter stage of middle age. Some of Sandra’s friends were also in attendance.

Femi Solebo means different things to different people. For some, he is the wonderful czar driving Notore’s game-changing forays into Agribusiness, especially fertilizer manufacturing. To others, he is the lucky dude who boldly went where angels feared to tread and snagged silver-spooned Sandra for a lifetime. To Sandra herself, the boss of homeware outfit, The Home Shop, he is her jewel of inestimable value. Little wonder she went all out to make the occasion a memorable one for Femi who was grinning from ear to ear as he witnessed his wife’s devotion in full display.

For a while now, Sandra and Femi had withdrawn somewhat from the social scene and many wondered why. Those who saw Femi at his birthday party perhaps got their answer when they saw how slim and fit he looked: Perhaps he had busied himself with a regimented fitness scheme. Unlike his former self, he has transformed into a slimmer, fitter version with a smart look and confident gait.