Catholic Women Condemn Battery, Sexual Abuse of Women


Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

The Catholic Women Organisation of Nigeria (CWON) has described the incidence of sexual abuse and battery of women in the country as very worrisome and condemnable

The apex Catholic women organisation in the country, said it has identified that lack of moral and civil education in our schools are among the causes of the decadent society today.

Addressing a press conference on Friday to kick-start the fund raising activities for the building of a special school for the boys, the Cor Mariae Boys College in Abuja, the National President of CWON, Mrs. Cecilia Nwanneka Okolo said that the society was witnessing a decaying moral values that need to be urgently arrested.

Okolo said that as part its efforts to promote and encourage Nigerians who have contributed a lot to human development especially as it concerns women youths, the CWO will be honouring the Archbishop of Abuja Catholic Archdiocese, Cardinal John Onaiyekan and past presidents of the organization with a award at a ceremony today in Abuja. 

While speaking on the recent public outcry over allegation of rape and battery of a sales girl, Okolo said the CWO condemned such acts.

“Things are really going out of place in the country in recent times. It seems we are heading to precipice. Things have gone so bad. Men always say that we always complain about abuse and battery of women, we are aware that some women also batter men but it is not at the same level and we condemn all of it. We condemn all forms battery and abuse of women and youths in totality. Nobody has the right to batter another person,” she said.

Okolo said the CWO was glad at the way women rallied to demand that the affected persons be punished.

She said the CWO as a body was trying to fight against women battery, abuse of children and youths.

Mrs. Okolo said that the reason the CWO was planning to establish the Cor Mariae College for boys in Abuja was because the women had realised that there was the need to instill in the male child good morals that will make decent members of the society.

“We realise that the boys are also own, and of recent there has been this clamour for girls child education, girls child emancipation and so on but we have found out that after all the education, our girls will end up in the society where they will meet the untrained boys and it appears we are in for a vicious circle.

“The last time we had a meeting of World Union of Catholic Women Assembly in September last year, we had four areas to address and one of them is looking out for, looking after and fighting for women and children who are being battered and others being sexually abused.

One other resolutions we are looking after our environment so that we can hand over to our next generation a pleasant place, She said.