Beat Breast Cancer  


A medical expert, Dr. Branda Nwanmuo has urged women in Anambra to use regular examination of their breasts to beat the growing fear of breast cancer in the country. Nwanmuo, a breast cancer specialist said looking out for the early signs of cancer was key, as it was actually treatable, contrary to popular belief that it was a death sentence. The medical doctor who spoke to women in Awka, Anambra State during the launch of a mammography machine acquired by Eldorado Multi-Specialist Hospital urged women to regularly examine their breasts for lumps, colouration, discharge at inappropriate time and other tell-tale signs of the early stage of the disease.

Speaking during a short presentation to guests, Nwanmuo said, “You must make it a habit, and once you see signs like that, do not panic. Just go to a hospital and speak to a doctor.  Breast cancer is not treatable by pastors or prophets, it is good to go to church, but once you find these signs, the best place to go to is to a hospital. If you come early, we can treat you, am saying this because people come during advanced stage, and when you tell them nothing can be done at such stage, they feel we enjoy passing death sentence on breast cancer patients. Now that we have a hospital that has a mammography machine in Awka, I want to urge you, my fellow women, instead of waiting to buy yourself an expensive gift during your birthday, you can make the mammography test your birthday gift, even if it is just once a year.”