CEO Launches Book on Entrepreneurship


Nume Ekeghe

The Chairman and CEO of NEROS Pharmaceuticals Limited, Dr Poly Emenike has launched a book that focuses on factors entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners require to succeed.

He also said business owners don’t need huge capital to succeed, saying  that the most essential thing to have is a desire and mental “pictures of what you want to accomplish, and steps on how to achieve them; which must surely crystallise according to your strong will and faith in your abilities to achieve your defined mission.”

Emenike, said this during the public presentation of the book titled: “Think & Grow Rich, African Perspective,” in Lagos recently

According to him, the book, an adaptation of Napoleon Hill’s classic, “Think & Grow Rich,” came at the right time based on the economic challenges in the country, similar to 1937 Great Depression in the US, when the first book was introduced by Hill.

He, however, advised Nigerians and other Africans that might be witnessing different challenges in in their respective businesses and professional endeavours not to lose hope, saying  the book offers them light at the end of the tunnel.

Speaking about the book, Emenike said:  “The chief aim of the book is to encourage everybody, irrespective of age and educational background to ensure they know what they want out of life before hitting the roads for its accomplishment. Thus, if you are disciplined enough to read and carry out the instructions provided, you are sure to achieve anything you set your eyes on as your defined purpose in life.

“Most importantly, what I have said in the book are based on personal practical experiences, which was the reason, Don Green, the CEO of Napoleon Hill Foundation encouraged me to write this book so as to enable many people read a more simplified version of the most classic book of all time: Think and Grow Rich. This will help the readers know how to apply the principles to what they do. What I have done in this book is like stepping down the principles into the African environment.”

While reviewing Emenike’s work, former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, said the word ‘Rich’ in terms of material wealth was only used in the title as an illustration; “as a catchy case study”.

He explained that the principles enunciated in the book “seem to apply to success in any field generally; be it in academics, sports, music, religious ministry, professions, etc.”

According to Soludo, the principles embedded in the book were said to have helped thousands around the world to accumulate wealth, implying that the principles have universal application.