Easy Does It: Why Sayyu Dantata Doesn’t Negotiate His Comfort


Oil mogul Sayyu Dantata has chiselled his name on the stone which the names of members of the exclusive club of billionaires is etched. While other people’s fortunes wax and wane according to the dictates of economic climates, Sayyu’s name continues to ascend higher and higher on the register of the wealthiest Nigerians. Come rain or shine, Sayyu maintains his position on the enviable pedestal he has built for himself in the rarefied air of the most moneyed.

The founder and chief executive officer of MRS Holdings does not loud his wealth unlike some of his peers. But he doesn’t need to. One look at him drives the point home that here is an uncommon billionaire who enjoys his well-earned wealth without the need to rub it in the faces of the less fortunate by flaunting his expensive lifestyle all over social media. But that does not mean that the hard-working dude does not enjoy the best a life of luxury has to offer. On the contrary, Sayyu does not joke with his comfort. Everything he wears, rides and uses is first rate stuff, customized to meet his polished taste.

Like many of his peers who have permanently moved to the promised land of undiluted wealth, Sayyu boasts of a personal chopper which he uses to shuttle on local trips. Few days back, a video surfaced of the man who once worked for the richest man in Nigeria Aliko Dangote driving the chopper from his Banana Island base to his company’s warehouse in Apapa.

Talking of Banana Island, an artificial island near Lagos in Nigeria, often called a Billionaire’s Haven, one of the biggest celebrity houses in that earthly paradise belongs to oil magnate Sayyu Dantata who is the brother of Africa’s wealthiest man, Aliko Dangote. Over the years, he has managed to build himself a fantastic career thus acquiring the stunning contemporary style mansion located in the billionaires’ playground of Banana Island Ikoyi that costs millions of dollars.

Banana Island was created to attract attention to the country and be a place for top-tier moneybags to live away from the glare of the world. And trust Sayyu, he was quick to secure his own posh spot on the island. The cost of a plot of land in Banana Island in Lagos runs into hundreds of millions of naira but that is no issue for Sayyu. Like other celebrities such as Glo boss Mike Adenuga, pop music brothers P-Square and celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji who all own houses there, Sayyu’s Banana Island mansion is a paradise unto itself. It even boasts of a helipad where he parks his chopper when not in use.