Ademola Adeleke: A Man of Destiny

Ademola Adeleke

Olumide Lawal

Ademola Adeleke is a man of destiny. A God-ordained destiny, that is beyond human comprehension. A Biblical David, that has stood against the present day political Goliath and coming out victorious at all times. He has carved a niche for himself to the bewilderment of his foes, but to the glory of God on the parts of his well-wishers. Ademola Adeleke is set to “Conquer Mount Everest” and sit comfortably on it. He is a man of immense perseverance and focus, who takes challenges with absolute calmness and faith in God.

A proverbial “Cat with nine lives, furthering the laid down principles of politics of humanitarianism put in place by the charismatic late Senator Isiaka Adeleke of blessed memory. The ways of God Almighty arenot those of human beings particularly, Senator Ademola Adeleke avowed detractors who did not give him a chance, that he could go this far in his political ambition. But God is always there for him and he will not abandon him. It is therefore not surprising as alleged, that some traducers were full of hatefulness in their bile and went on to maliciously refer to Adeleke as “an uneducated” person “not fit to run Osun State as governor. This is very uncharitable to say the least.

Some of these avowed detractors of Ademola Adeleke were beneficiaries of large heartedness of Senator Isiaka Adeleke of blessed memory, when he was the governor of Osun State. How ungrateful could some human beings be, in their unholy bid to run down their fellow men and women, having tried other under current measures to achieve their nefarious goals and failed.

What on earth is the rationale behind their ranting of an ant against Senator Ademola Adeleke to have gone this length to employ a dark soul to unnecessarily vilify him, who goes about his service to the people without hurting a fly. An harmless gentleman, getting ready to display his native wisdom and intelligence to serve humanity. Bill Gates did not possess a university degree to establish Microsoft and became at various times, world’s richest man. What is the hue and cry of some ill-informed people on Ademola Adeleke’s political advancement, which it has pleased God to give him. Ademola Adeleke has been vindicated by various courts in the country that he was educationally qualified to hold any political office, including, but not limited to that of a governor of a state. And so shall it be by God’s grace. Why are his political foes losing sleep? They should rather join any of the coaches of Ademola Adeleke long train and be part of the new lease of life soon to be enjoyed by Osun people.

Personally, I was not surprised by the hard line postures of Ademola Adeleke’s foes. It is appalling, that a particular former minister went off the mark in 2014 and boisterously, but emptily said, he would beat late Senator Isiaka Adeleke, when he leaves office as a Minister. But Alas, the same man came calling at Isiaka Adeleke residence in October 2017 to be part of his scholarship Awards Scheme Ceremony and he sighted the grave of late Senator Isiaka Adeleke, who was alive for some years after he left office as a Minister and could not lift a finger against him until he transited to glory. Why do some people have no conscience and ability to think through their actions/utterances before they carry them out? Nobody would have expected our former minister to ever come near anything Isiaka

Adeleke. But there was him partaking of the success story of Ademola Adeleke as a Senator in October, 2017. Why the sudden turn of event by him? Their likes will find themselves breathless, when God’s promise for Senator Ademola Adeleke is fulfilled.

Ademola Adeleke is intellectually, morally, physically and well-placed to serve Nigeria in the highest political office. This is to appeal to his detractors to tread softly and integrate themselves with Ademola Adeleke march forward in the political arena.

Definitely, a new era beckon to the voiceless people of Osun State to take their destinies in their own hand. It should be strongly asserted, that despite hostilities against Senator Ademola Adeleke, he is focused on the tasks ahead to avail humanity the best of his services without ill-wind, favour or disaffection. Ademola Adeleke holds fast to God Almighty, who will never share His glory with anybody and ceaseless prayers of those who believe in his cause. Senator Ademola Adeleke is above board and beyond reproach. He belongs to the humble and famous Adeleke Dynasty of Oluronbi Compound, Ede, whose objective in life is to put smile on the faces of the less privileged and extend immensurable philanthropic gestures to humanity generally, as reflected in the world-class university, the dynasty established in Ede.

What has his foes brought as physical development to their native homes, even as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for some years? The enviable records of service of the Adeleke family are evident for all to see. So the efforts of his avowed foes to run him down hold no water. It is just an attempt of a drowning people looking for a shrub to hold on to. For Ademola Adeleke, it shall be a goal, scored in a grand style, despite belly-aching by his detractors and reach the promise land which God has destined for him.

The good people of Osun State want a change and a new lease of life blown into their lives after years of inertness. God will answer that prayer very soon and the people of Osun shall be taken out of the hands of the “Pharaohs” and cross the “Red Sea” successfully to life more abundant and economic prosperity. Allahu Akbar!!! Somebody shout Hallelujah!!!. Again, let us sing, Almighty God, that is your name, you will never share your glory with anybody…refrain. 

We return all the glory to God Almighty, whom we adore with reverence. Thank you the good people of Osun State for believing and trusting in Ademola Adeleke, he will always be there for you.

––Lawal writes from Ede, Osun State.