Mouka Distributors Vow to Consolidate Brand Growth


After a pleasurable experience in Dubai and London, distributors of Mouka foam have pledged their resolve to consolidate the growth of the brand.

The distributors disclosed this after their return from the seven-day trip to the Middle Eastern and European countries.

Speaking about their experiences in both countries where they were fully treated to a special time, the distributors pledged their resolve to take the growth of the brand to a higher level.

“On the company’s side, it’s a good thing they have done. They took us for a boat cruise and desert drive in Dubai. They are wonderful. In so many sectors, nocompany can be compared to that of Mouka, I dare to say that,” declared Timothy Ifurunwa, one of the beneficiaries of the business trip.

“I’m still going to write a letter of appreciation to the management of Mouka. Not too many establishments can do what Mouka has just done. I call them ‘talk and do’. They kept their words,” said Igboko Chinonso owner of Ideal Plux Investment Limited, distributor of Mouka Foam.

According to Funmi Paulo, who also embarked on the journey, the experience was quite an opener as it availed beneficiaries the opportunity to reinvent themselves.

“It was a pleasurable experience, and what Mouka has done is fantastic,” she said. “I’ll like to say thank you to the management of Mouka for the gift because to me it was a gift. I had never dreamt of travelling out of the country, but this opportunity has now enabled me to do that. They made the promise and they kept their word”.

On his part, Chukwudi Okoro, owner of Picotex, said the trip was not just entertaining but was also an eye-opener.

“When we arrived, we were taken to one of the five-star hotels closest to the beach. It was a delight. We went for boat cruise and later for desert ride, it was fun. We were taken to the museum where we learnt the history of how Dubai started as a country,” Okoro recalled.

He further said: “Mouka has shown that it is not just a company but a family. With this trip, Mouka has shown that it has the interest of the distributors at heart. We do have meetings in five-star hotels but this time they surprisingly took us to Dubai. This present generation of administrators in the company treat distributors as family. It’s like a father-son relationship.

“The only way I can appreciate them is to work hard and promote the brand. I promise I will never disappoint the company. We the distributors are going to make sure Mouka remains the number one brand in Nigeria because Mouka has come to stay and there is no going back on that.”

For Evergreen Onyedum, operator of Evergreen International Services, Mouka has done that which others in Nigeria’s foam and mattress industry could not do.

“I’m short of words. I can only say, ‘God bless Mouka Limited, God bless the industry and God bless Nigeria.’This trip is a sort of energizer to do more to keep Mouka at the top,” he enthused.

Speaking about the gesture, Mouka’s Commercial Director, Dimeji Osingunwa said the effort would certainly enhance the brand’s leading position in the Nigerian bedding industry as the initiative would further project Mouka’s uniqueness.

According to Osingunwa, several independent reports currently being monitored by Mouka have shown that each time the company runs a loyalty scheme or promotion aimed at distributors, it always leads to the brand’s incremental growth.

“This trip was organised to reward some of our loyal business partners who have supported us through the years. For the last three years, the business has been on consistent growth trajectory. This wouldn’t have been possible without the loyalty and support of our distinguished distributors,” Osingunwa stated.

The annual distributors’ business trip, heralds Mouka’s new financial year, and is widely viewed as Mouka’s forte which has in no mean measure aided the brand’s distinctiveness in the Nigerian bedding market.