Our Focus is on Growth, Says Red Star Boss

Sola Obabori

Sola Obabori

Chinedu Eze
The Group Managing Director of Redstar Express Plc, Mr. Olusola Obabori, has said the courier and freight company is now focused on growth.

According to him, part of its growth strategy is to work with the airlines in terms of cargo consolidation locally and internationally.

The company said it has signed as a General Sales Agent (GSA) (cargo) with Aero Contractors and currently ongoing with other airlines, including Air Peace, to provide them services by distributing their cargo.
Also, Redstar has expanded to other countries in West Africa, to ease the shipment of goods from Lagos and other cities in the country to these sub-regional destinations.

“I am sure you are aware that we have offices in Niger Republic, Burkina Faso and Benin Republic. These offices have opened in the last 24 months of our business.

“And that is to show you how aggressive we are in terms of our expansion. And if you are expanding in those directions you have to also connect shipments from Lagos to those other West African locations.

“We are hopeful that we are still going to open more offices around West Africa and as much as we do that in the near future we are going to move towards aviation as a matter of fact.
“But for now let’s work with the people who are running the airlines in Nigeria so that we can help them to consolidate cargo since that is our core area of expertise.

“We will consolidate locally and give to them but we are also going to be consolidating international for the airlines that run the West Africa routes. “For our international business principally it is done on the Fedex platform and then we have Nexter freight that also does major cargo movement from here to the rest of the world and then we also bring in cargo into Nigeria,” Obabori said.

He explained that GSA is a component of the company’s expansion plan, which is already starting, adding that the plan started recently and would help the industry and also help the company to move its customers more quickly than it has ever been doing.

“We are even opening international operations which is to show you that beyond the local domestic market there is a lot we can do for Nigeria in the West Africa sub region and that is why we have gone to those markets. “We are looking at two others which I don’t want to mention because I don’t want it in the public space yet; but at least we have two in the pipeline right now.”

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