Lawan’s Aide on New Media Resigns

Ahmad Lawan

A former aide to former Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, Olu Onemola, has resigned from the appointment  given to him by the new Senate President, Senator Ahmad Lawan.

Onemola was last Monday announced in a letter from the Senate president to the Clerk to the National Assembly as the Special Assistant on New Media to Lawan.

Lawan wanted the former aide to serve in the same capacity he did with  Saraki.

However, Onemola in a statement yesterday, announced his decision not to accept the appointment due to the rift and criticism it generated.

Nigerians loyal to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) criticised Lawan for making such appointment outside the circle of party loyalists.

A similar controversy had last week led to the decision of rescinding the appointment of Festus Adedayo as the Senate President’s spokesperson.

Onemola predicated his decision to withdraw on the ‘controversy’ the appointment has generated.

“A few days ago, I was asked to continue on in my role as the Special Assistant on New Media to His Excellency, the President of the ninth Senate.

“As an individual who prides myself in always setting a high standard and significant precedents — I feel honoured to have been asked to fill this vital role in the service of our great country.

“I thank you, sir, for the offer to continue on to serve and promote the work of the ninth Senate of the Federal Republic — which I am sure is borne out of your patriotic desire to serve the Nigerian people.

“However, at this time, given my personal antecedents, and the controversy that this has generated, I would respectfully like to be excused from taking up this national assignment.

“It is my hope that whoever does fill this role, builds upon what we have started in terms of opening up the activities of the Nigerian Senate to the public.

“I will be ready and available in whatever way to give my recommendations — if and when requested — as the new team begins its work.

“I have communicated my decision to the Chief of Staff, Babagana Muhammad Aji, and I wish the new team all the best as they work to meet the demands of the Nigerian people,” the statement said.