GPTW Holds Awards Ceremony


Great Place To Work (GPTW) will be celebrating great work places across Africa and exceptional women leading businesses in Nigeria at its annual awards holding in Lagos, this week.

The event, tagged, Building a Better Future for All,would recognise the accomplishments of organisations across the world that have implemented creative and effective approaches to developing trust, pride and camaraderie within their unique workplaces.

The Executive Director, GPTW, Michael  Tosin-Oni, said in addition to the great workplaces awards, exceptional female leaders in leading organisations in Nigeria would also be recognised, saying the Great Place to Work Nigeria award was expected to draw more than 500 attendees this year, all of whom are dedicated to creating and sustaining great workplaces, including CEOs of leading organisations, human resource directors, business leaders, the media and executives of the best workplaces in Nigeria.

 “We are excited and proud to be fulfilling our mission – assessing for great workplaces, identifying great workplaces and celebrating great workplaces,” Tosin-Oni. said, adding that the categories to be recognised include: large, medium and small corporates.

He said Great Place to Work Certifications will go to organisations which on completing the Trust Index survey get a score of 70 per cent and above, meaning  that seven out of 10 employees attest that the workplace experience is a Great Place To Work. Thirty Organizations would be certified in this category, he said.

Great Place to Work Best Practice Awards Tosin-Oni explained, are for organizations that have made a Culture Audit submission and have distinguished themselves in support for women, support for millennial, Learning and development, Wellness, Fun & Friendly Workplace and Leadership, saying that 25 organizations would be presented with best practice awards.