Revamping the Nation’s Security Architecture


It is no longer a joke, what the security of the country has become. Nowhere in the country is safe now and everyday Nigerians live in the fear of the unknown. If they turned to North, it is Boko Haram and bandits; South, it is kidnapping; West, it is armed robbery cum bandits and Middle Belt, it is herdsmen.

Nothing however gives fillip to the seeming state of helplessness that Nigeria has found herself than last week, when three suicide bombers blew themselves up in a busy market outside Kondura, Borno State and the only thing President Muhammadu Buhari could say was to commit the bombers to God.

As if that wasn’t enough despair to contend with, the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai too came out to say the reason the insurgents were doing well against the Nigerian Army was because his men at the warfront were not committed. What a leader there is!
Yet, insecurity has continued to escalate in all parts of the country, as parents, according to UNICEF, are now afraid to send their wards to school for obvious reasons. If Buhari does not know that he should rejig the current security architecture, those around him should say so for posterity. The bill he recently signed into law on National Institute of Security Studies is a long time approach. But something must be done in the immediate and fast too.