Nazareth Jesse: Street Hustlers are Now Entering  Nollywood to Boost Their Businesses


Nazareth Jesse is a delectable actress whose knack for role interpretation has made her a popular name in the Nigeria movie industry. Jesse narrates to Tosin Clegg her heartbreak story, life as an actress and plans for the remaining months of 2019

I will not say I’m fulfilled as an actress yet 

This second quarter of 2019 has been better than every other one. I have been able to achieve so many things I planned and despite the elections that took place, it’s been favour all the way. I have been featured in three movies and I’m currently on another one. I will not say I’m fulfilled as an actress yet. Because I have not attained the height I want, but since it’s a thing of passion, I love it. Well, the movie business isn’t yielding income as much as we deserve in Nigeria, but we can’t give up yet. Aside movie making, I am into event planning, facial modelling and mentorship in terms of relationships and more. I was also into buying and selling of wears, but it’s suspended for now, I do script writing, filmmaking and co-producing.

Pressures to get married

I had to make my dad understand I can’t force myself on a man or settle with just anyone that comes asking for my hand in marriage. Now, he has seen so many rushing in and out of marriage. He is now praying for me to settle with a better person who will be compatible with me. For me, there is nothing like having a man that gives you peace, love and support. It takes the fear of God in a man to have those things listed towards his wife or his woman. I like my man to have vision, and to be kind hearted; a literate with prospects; a God-fearing man that is ready to have me as his life partner and not just a baby factory.

Looks and pockets are very important too

He must be well to do financially and handsome too. A man that wants to marry me should be ready to take responsibility when I become his wife. Then for his looks, it all depends on me because they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t like beautiful men; I like my man to have that ‘manly’ look if there is a word like that. I’m not saying my man must be a billionaire but if a billionaire comes my way, to God be the glory. That’s also an answered prayer. Lest I forget, my man must be romantic and sexy too, because I have seen and heard so many Nigerian women complain about their husbands not being romantic. Mine must be romantic please, because I hate and can’t stand adultery. But right now, I’m very single and ready to mingle. I can’t keep fooling myself over a distant relationship that has not been favouring me.

The main reason marriages crash is adultery

Both the rich and the poor experience the same thing. Lots of women are dying in silence. They won’t talk or go for orientation; rather they go into adultery to keep their minds busy. I can’t speak for our actresses though, but from what I see and hear I think most of them don’t know what marriage is all about. Marriage is a different field of its own that needs more attention and commitment. You can’t be married to a man who is not in your field and not have an agreement with him based on your career. Even with that agreement you as the woman should know you are starting a different life entirely and that you have to be committed and be submissive to your man to make the marriage work. But most of them raise shoulder with their husbands or go against him because of the supposed passion of being on the screen. I also advise people not to marry a lazy man because he is cute or because he is good in bed. That kind of man will end up pushing you into prostitution or adultery.

Women committing adultery

Marrying a lazy man, a gold digger, a prayerless man, a man without vision or a man that can’t perform his marital duties, a man that beats his wife, are enough to push a woman to commit adultery, repeatedly. However, some women are so possessed that they can’t stay without a man. Some are just longer throats that want to have everything the other woman has without knowing how they got it.

Women hardly support women these days. It’s more of slut shaming

I think it’s just few women out there that do that due to their past encounters. I would admit some women are jealous of others and want to be the one on top without knowing there is space for everyone out there. Some are just so satanic that they don’t like to see others succeed in life, even when they are doing well too.

How my journey to the movie industry started

I had an opportunity to embrace my passion through a senior colleague while I was still in school. I don’t want to mention name, because I have done that several times.

Sexual harassment in early stage is normal

It happens in every sector too. But as long as you know what you want all you need to do is focus on the reason why you are in the industry, which I did. These days the girls sexually harass the producers instead. They want to be known and seen on TV by all means. We also have street hustlers coming into the industry to boost their business too.

Not easy dealing with people

That don’t know the pain of daily expenses, it’s just patience and humility that helped, especially when you are doing it secretly because I don’t want to be seen like competing with my bosses. If I have a chance to change something about the Nigerian movie industry, then I will change the rate at which our movies are being produced, because when you spend more time in crafting, you will achieve a better result and a better result equals good money. Sadly, we see lots of avoidable errors in our movies and people just ignore them.

So far, no regrets at all

Because in every mistake made there is a lesson learnt. Some are steps to success; a life without mistakes is a dead one. My parents kicked against me venturing into Nollywood because they had different plans and visions for me. So, I had to go for shoot secretly, but after a while they stopped complaining and said ‘You are an adult you have the right to choose your career’.

Plans for the rest of 2019

So many good things will come this year, by the grace of God. Just wait as they unfold one after another.


‘The Oxymoron of Kenny Blaq’ Billed for the Third Term

After staging two magnificent editions, ace comedian Otolorin Kehinde Peter, popularly known as Kenny Blaq, has announced plans for the third edition of The Oxymoron of Kenny Blaq, scheduled to hold on Sunday, July 28th 2019 at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Tagged “The Third Term”, the show brings Kenny Blaq to the fore in one frenetic night of entertainment alongside other comedians, dancers and musicians.

The Oxymoron of Kenny Blaq 3 is set to be bigger than last year’s event, which sold out the Eko Hotel Convention Centre with guest performances from Davido, CDQ, Josh2funny, Small Doctor and many others.

Kenny Blaq, who shut down the 02 Arena in London recently, has promised fans a never-seen-before performance on the show date which also will be a celebration of five years on stage.

While speaking about the event, Kenny Blaq said, “My fans should anticipate a side of me they’ve never seen before. I’m more than ready to make history on the 28th of July and I’ll ensure this event will be talked about for several years, get your tickets!”

Since inception, The Oxymoron of Kenny Blaq has proven to be one of the best events in Nigeria receiving the best comedy show of the year at Naija FM Comedy Awards in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Kenny Blaq also shone at the Future Awards 2017, winning the Future Awards Prize for Comedy and comedian of the year at the Lagos Achievers Awards 2019.

Israel Houghton, Phil Thompson, JJ Hairston, Thrill at ‘Fearless 2019’

Award-winning Music Maestro, Dr. Tim Godfrey and his Multiple Award winning crew – Xtreme, held the fourth edition of their annual Fearless concert with the theme “Rebirth” for the first time in Eko Hotel and Suites, at the weekend.

This year’s edition was indeed a tremendous blessing to the world and the body of Christ as Dr. Tim Godfrey was joined by three international, multiple award winning acts – Israel Houghton, JJ.Hairston and Phil Thompson alongside several other Nigerian A-list gospel artists.

Having held three editions in 2016, 2017 and 2018, respectively with over a 100,000 worshippers in attendance, lifting up the name of Jesus, Dr. Tim Godfrey brought in a new sound of worship and praise.

Tim Godfrey speaks on this year’s edition: “Rebirth is significant because the devil deceives us a lot of times, by making us believe our sins and shortcomings cannot and will not allow us amount to anything. 

I am using the Fearless platform to bring a message of hope to everyone (young and old) to live their lives to the fullest because in Christ, we have been given victory over every lie of the devil. We are Fearless!”

The first edition of Fearless hosted the renowned Bishop Marvin Sapp, the second edition featured Kirk Franklin and the third, a tour of five states in Nigeria, with Travis Greene, and other Nigerian artistes.

Telenovela Series ‘Asintado’ Airs on Startimes

Asintado, the stylish telenovela series, is currently enjoying massive viewership StarTimes Novela E Plus, Channel 128 and 057. The new telenovela series, Asintado is aired every Friday to Sunday at 6: 50 pm African Time and it promises to be a mind blowing, intriguing and a nonstop one-of-a-kind watching experience.

According to StarTimes Content Manager, Abosede Adewara, the series centers on a tight relationship of the inseparable Ramirez siblings that disintegrates when they lose their parents in a fire. It follows the paths of both siblings, living polar opposite lives. 

The siblings’ lives are thrust into a world of politics, power and corruption that shake their core values, murder their loved ones and potentially destroy themselves.

“StarTimes beyond doubt has gained ground as one of the leading telenovelas choice with quality programming that includes interesting television series, dramas, sitcoms, shows and movies, among others, which include some original programming, spanning from different cultures, language and origins.

“The new series is a must-watch and it’s packed with every tangible ingredient of a good production that will boost StarTimes growing entertainment portfolio, spice up viewers experience and enrich memorable digital TV moments,” she stated.

My  Story

Femi  Koya

I Want to Erase the Fear That Young People Can’t Play Their Original Music

Femi Koya is an Afrobeat music composer and performer. He is also a saxophonist, dynamic vocalist with a rich blend of deep afrobeat and contemporary groove. He lived in South Africa for years and grew a brand and legacy which he has now brought back home. He talks to Tosin Clegg about his music, plans and more 

Define your kind of music and what makes it special?

My Kind of music is Root African sound mixed with jazz, urban sound – traditional Afrobeat highlife. It’s special because I had the opportunity of having a crossover sound between the West and South Africa. Engaging in both cultures of Nigeria and South Africa has influenced my music.

What would you be doing differently, coming back home with your music?

I wouldn’t be doing things differently, as staying true to who I am makes the difference. I am willing to make meaningful collaborations that will enhance the perception of the music. Furthermore, I want to erase the fear that young people cannot play their original music or stay true to their culture. 

How has your musical journey been so far?

My musical journey so far has enjoyed the strength of originality and embraces the Nigerian heritage. People find my music interesting because they have what I have, and I am not trying to be like them. Challenges have been language barrier and being seen as a foreigner on African soil. Moreover, the wrongdoings of fellow Nigerians outside there is pretty disturbing.

What’s your music to you and how do you think it impacts lives?

My music to me is the air that I breathe, it’s the food that I eat, it’s my entirety. When I perform and I see happiness on the faces of people and, sometimes, when the music’s message gets stronger and the people get thinking, I feel good that someone has been touched. In a couple of years from now, I see myself as an African ambassador who will bring to life the spirit of Africa and heritage of our land.

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