Kaduna CAN  Condemns Blackmail of Reno Omokri


Bennett Oghifo

The Chairman, CAN Kaduna State, Rev John Joseph Hayab has appealed to social crusader, Reno Omokri not to be discouraged by people spreading lies that he was enriching himself off the predicament of Miss Leah Sharibu, who is being held captive by Boko Haram insurgents.

Rev. Hayab said this in a statement yesterday, adding “Many people are afraid to do good work today in our society because those who are afraid of their growing popularity can go out to tell lies against them and defame their character.

“I have been involved with the parents of our dear daughter Leah who is still been held captive by Boko Haram and we know those who are sacrificing their time, energy and resources to let the world know about her plight, but sadly some faceless people have been sponsored to spread lies against them.

“I, therefore, wish to appeal to our dear brother Reno Omokri not to allow those spreading lies against him that he is enriching himself about Leah to discourage him from continuing with the good struggle.”

Hayab said when he saw “the false propaganda I reached out to Leah’s parents and I want Reno to know that Leah’s parents know the sacrifice he and honest Nigerians are making for the release of their daughter which I am a witness.

“They said whosoever is blackmailing you is an agent of satan doing his master business. Therefore cheer up and remain focused. “Evil actions like this can stop good people from doing good.

I can testify that all proceeds from sale of Tshirts and books are credited direct to her parents account.

“As a patriotic Nigerian and a church leader, I am appealing to good people not to stop doing good because of fear of blackmailers and those who are being used to tell lies against those who are sacrificing to do good should have a rethink and repent.”