SYNLAB Nigeria Launches Genetic Test Facility to Curb Deaths among Athletes


Rebecca Ejifoma

SYNLAB Nigeria has opened an ultra-modern facility for advanced genetic testing and promotion of preventive healthcare and wellness of Nigerian athletes to reduce death from inappropriate exercise routines.

The organisation said the new facility, sited at Victoria Island, Lagos, spearheads three advanced genetic tests: MyPGx, SportGen and NutriHealth.

It said the facility, however, is designed to improve precision in the practice of personalised medicine and enhance the quality of life in Nigeria.

Apart from offering advanced diagnostics services, for which SYNLAB has earned a reputation of accuracy and reliability over the years, Chief Medical Officer, SYNLAB Nigeria, Dr. Tolulope Adewole, expressed the organisation’s commitment.

She said: “Our organisation is committed to introducing the most innovative and comprehensive advances in diagnostics services to Nigeria. We ensure the latest technological advancements are launched here as launched in Europe”.

“For SYNLAB, this means that Nigerians can have the same opportunity people in more medically advanced countries have.

“Hence, MyPGx, a pharmacogenetic test, is designed to assist doctors streamline the treatment of patients by personalising the choice and dosage of medication that is being prescribed,” Tolulope added.

Noting that MyPGx results effectively eliminates “trial and error”, she told newsmen that it had been proven to significantly decrease adverse drug reactions (ADRs).

Adewole continued further that these tests, concurrently being launched in Europe, were pillars in personalised medicine. “They have been brought to Nigeria in line with SYNLAB’s commitment to make cutting-edge laboratory testing accessible”.

Meanwhile, two lifestyle genetic tests were also unveiled. While SportGen is geared to professional athletes and individuals who partake or want to partake in physical exercise, NutriHealth recommends the appropriate diet and food intake to perform optimally at work or other aspects of life.

“We introduced these tests to address some disturbing trends in Nigeria. There are cases of Nigerians dying as a result of inappropriate exercise routines,” she said.
Speaking also, the head of the facility, Dr. Adenike Sobulo expressed that many Nigerians were using medicines that don’t work well with their bodies, while some don’t know the right diet to help them function desirably.

Her words: “In utilising these new tests, Nigerians will be better equipped to reach their full potentials. We are emphasising preventive healthcare and wellness because this is the future According to her, if practised properly, it should have a positive impact on “our” life expectancy.

She said: “At this wellness centre, we encourage people to take control of their health. We have always promoted health checks and screening with different packages to suit every pocket.

“Our facilities are strategically located across Nigeria and more are still opening in 2019.”

However, the doctor maintained that the new specialised tests transform an individual’s ability to manage their wellbeing and stay healthy.