Blessing Uzzi  Shoots Documentary, ‘The Beggars Plight’


The Beggars Plight follows the story of the beggars in the street, most especially the children chasing cars and sent by their parents to beg for money. For Blessing, she wanted to know where they live, if they have a home. How much do they make from begging? Are they genuine? And lastly do they want to stop begging? This is what The Beggars Plight is all about.

According to Blessing, she decided to do this shoot, because, “Everyday as I drove past Lekki, just by Freedom Way, these Children would always run to me asking for money while their parents sat down and watched. As a matter of fact, they sent the kids. I kept wondering, like why are these people doing this? Don’t they have a choice? Can’t they do better? I became inquisitive about the beggars and therefore decided I was going to make a documentary of it and I’m glad I did. I had great insight into these people’s life.

 “I learnt to be grateful for my life. I visited the home of these beggars and I was moved to tears and wondered if I could live there and the answer was a big no! Doing this shoot made me more compassionate towards people and the beggars in general. It made me see things and life in a different light. It made me ask if we all actually have a choice or is choice an illusion of the mind? I learnt not to be a beggar! I had a great time filming these beggars.”