Maharaj Ji Canvasses 10% Rewards for Whistle Blower

Satguru Maharaj-Ji

Kemi Olaitan in Ibadan

Founder of One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji yesterday warned that the fight against corruption might soon collapse if the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari did not review its strategy to effectively fight the crime.

Maharaj Ji, therefore, asked the president “to as a matter of urgency, increase the reward for whistle blowers, in order to attract more Nigerians to embrace the policy and expose corrupt practices in both private and public sectors.”

He made the call at a news conference he addressed in Ibadan, Oyo State yesterday to mark the 26th anniversary of Nigeria Declaration as the new holy land of the universe.

At the conference, the spiritual leader said Nigerians irrespective of party affiliation, all leaders across all sectors should “to support the president for him to salvage the nation’s economy.”

Specifically, he explained the need to review the reward for every whistle blower to 10 percent, noting that by increasing the reward to 10 per cent, it would encourage more Nigerians to take up the challenge.

He noted that while the fight against corruption by the Buhari administration “has been yielding some results, more Nigerians need to be involved for the country to get back the money looted by the previous government officials.

Maharaj Ji explained that apart from recovering the looted funds, the federal government should also publish the names of the looters.

He said the federal government “should increase the reward for whistle to 10 per cent in order to encourage more Nigerians to take up the challenge. Also, the federal government should publish the names of those who confessed to stealing monies and those who had begged for plea bargaining.”

He insisted that the president inherited an extensively ravaged economy, adding that what he needed from Nigerians “is their support as he cannot do it alone. Nigerians transit from one day to the next year bereft of the real factors and actual forces playing out against Nigeria’s golden destiny.

“Buhari is not the architect of the Nigerian muddle. Yes! President Buhari he promised to fix Nigeria. He vowed to end corruption in the economy. Today, our economy is growing worse than it did at the mercy of Buhari’s profligate predecessors.”

Maharaj Ji said the president “will never hand over Nigeria as a commodity to auctioneer. The holding of needless parties is no longer common. No more free cash. These are realities that should jolt Nigerians to think deep in their best interest.

”The maiden steps to national liberation and prosperity are naturally tedious and very painful. Like determined soldiers, a people desirous of glory must push through pain to get to the victory. When you find those who profit from raping and robbing your family demanding the head of the clan’s new leader, it simply tells that the new king is working against their criminality.

“Today, familiar and highly notorious western imperialist gangs up against the Buhari administration and want him out as much as miseducated, ill-informed and long-suffering Nigerian masses do. Same desire, different interests.”