Buhari and Nigeria’s Evil Citizens

Muhammadu Buhari

At an event in the Presidential Villa where members of the Federal Capital Territory community had come to pay their annual Sallah homage to Muhammadu Buhari, General Buhari proved, again, that dictators and anti-democrats may grow old, but they do not grow to become democrats.

At the event, Muhammadu Buhari made a not so subtle threat against the citizens of the FCT. He said, inter alia, as follows:
“I have just spoken to the senator on my left (Philip Aduda) and I told him that his constituency did not vote for me. So I was very pleased that when they made the arrangement they put him very far away from me. I have all the results of all constituencies. I am not threatening FCT because to make FCT secure is to make myself secure and the Vice President. I think they are a NECESSARY EVIL that was why they decided to vote for PDP.”

How petty and vindictive can Buhari get? This is a man who peeped at his wife’s ballot to see who she voted for. I thought that was the floor of his pedestrian behaviour. But, he broke new grounds by calling those who voted for the PDP, a necessary evil. How can you treat people good when you believe they are evil?

As Jesus said in Matthew 7:18 “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” In calling those who voted against him ‘evil’, the quota system General, Muhammadu Buhari, has shown that he is not a good tree, which is why he is yielding evil fruits!
No wonder he once told the Telegraph of the UK that Nigerians are criminals. It is only now I understand what he could have meant. He probably did not mean all Nigerians. Given his mindset, he probably meant those who voted against him in 2015.

Buhari even said he has the results of ALL the constituencies that voted against him in his possession. How can a leader be this unforgiving! See the grudges this vindictive man holds against those who did not vote for him to the extent that he has the names of all those “EVIL” citizens!
Buhari does not have accurate statistics of Nigeria’s out of school children population. He does not have precise details of Nigeria’s population of extremely poor citizens. He does not even know Nigeria’s exact population. But he confessed that he has details of “evil” people who voted against him! Hopefully, he also knows the true number of children he has sired.

Muhammadu Buhari’s “EVIL” PDP voters comment is proof that the 97% versus 5% mindset that wrecked Nigeria’s economy over the last four years by promoting mediocre clan members of the 97% over qualified 5% citizens is not dead. It is alive and kicking!
This man spends all his time thinking about his enemies, instead of Nigeria’s progress. Under his watch, Nigeria became the world headquarters for extreme poverty. But rather than think of a solution, he is filling his head with names of EVIL Nigerians like a 10 year old class captain who writes only his enemies names in the noisemakers list.

What is the difference between Buhari and Game of Thrones’s Arya Stark, who spent her days and nights memorising the names of her enemies she wanted to kill? At least Arya’s enemies did something EVIL to her. The only thing Buhari’s enemies did is to vote for PDP.
Lest we forget the unnecessary evils that have visited Nigeria because of the plague known as Muhammadu Buhari, I will now list a few. Buhari brought our first recession in a quarter of a century. He made us the world headquarters for out of school children. We retrogressed to became the world’s third most terrorised nation, and according to Transparency International, Nigeria is now more corrupt than at any time during the five year administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan. Our currency, the Naira, has lost 100% of its value and our foreign debt has skyrocketed from N11 trillion in 2015 when Buhari took over, to N23 trillion today, yet, it is those who voted for the PDP that this bully is referring to as ‘necessary evil’!

Truth be said, Nigeria can be cured of at least 50% of her evils if Muhammadu Buhari is removed by the election petition tribunal. At least he admitted that we, who voted for the PDP, are ‘necessary evil’. What about him? How necessary is he? When he went to live in London for six months, did we die? In fact, his absence was a boon for our economy!
Muhammadu Buhari needs to be told that a so called leader who hates those that voted for him should not be the president of a nation. Such a person is better suited as the leader of a hate group like the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association. No wonder Buhari said we must respect them. They are also ‘necessary evils’!

The truth is that those Nigerians who voted for the PDP are NOT EVIL. In fact, they voted for PDP in order to CHASE AWAY EVIL. The type of EVIL that wants Nigerians to treat Miyetti Allah Herdsmen Association with RESPECT even when their members are killing thousands of Nigerians nationwide.
Former President Jonathan lost the 2011 Presidential elections in the Northwest, yet he built more schools and universities there than in any other region. Muhammadu Buhari lost the 2019 Presidential election in Abuja and he designated the residents of the Federal Capital Territory “EVIL” people. Go figure!

India has 8 times Nigeria’s population. She conducted election May 19. She declared results May 23. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sworn in May 30. He named his cabinet the next day, on May 31. Meanwhile Muuhammadu Buhari, who won a rigged reelection in February, has not named his cabinet! However, he had enough time to request for the list of constituencies in the FCT that voted against him. You can see that this man is more interested in revenge against those he called “necessary evil”, than on delivering good governance. Buhari can’t solve Nigeria’s problem because he is Nigeria’s problem.

The truth is that if not for standards dropping after Independence from Britain, a man like Muhammadu Buhari ought not to have risen to being an officer in the army. And certainly not a General. What is his intellectual ability? What is his input into strategy? Where has he distinguished himself on the battle field, other than by brute force? Don’t hate me because you share his ethnicity or religion. Counter me with facts.
The real question we should be asking is not who is a ‘necessary evil’. We should be asking, who is an unnecessary evil? Between a man under whom Nigeria became the world headquarters for extreme poverty and citizens who voted for the PDP, who is the real EVIL?

Notice how quiet Muhammadu Buhari has been after it emerged that another £210 million Abacha loot has been unearthed? Abacha is his mentor. No big surprise. After all, he said Abacha did not steal. If it had been a PDP politician, the hypocrite would have been shouting himself hoarse everywhere.
Let us face the truth, Buhari has situational ethics. He is partial. His anti corruption war is in reality an anti opposition war that targets ‘necessary evil’. If not, why the graveyard silence over this new Abacha loot?
I just feel sorry for all those who are expecting something good from Buhari’s stolen second tenure. Just look at the grim statistics from The Economist Magazine in its May 30, 2019 edition.

“The Nigerian economy is stuck like a stranded truck. Average incomes have been falling for four years; the IMF thinks they will not rise for at least another six. The latest figures put unemployment at 23%, after growing for 15 consecutive quarters. Inflation is 11%. Some 94m people live on less than $1.90 a day, more than in any other country, and the number is swelling. By 2030 a quarter of very poor people will be Nigerian, predicts the World Data Lab, which counts such things.”

After reading Mr. Buhari’s report card, it is safe to say that the greatest evil, necessary or unnecessary, in Nigeria today is a tall, gap toothed, lanky man in Aso Rock, who had the Midas Touch in reverse. Every gold he touches begins to rust. You see, Buhari so loves almajiri that he vowed to make all of us as poor as them!

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Reno’s Darts
It has just been revealed that Sani Abacha, the kleptomaniac, bloodthirsty buffoon, who bullied Nigeria for 5 years, has more hidden millions all over the world. The latest being the £210 million that was unearthed by British authorities in the island of Jersey, in the United Kingdom.
And these are the people Pastor William Kumuyi said we should “RESPECT” and not “ATTACK”. I fought this man as a teenager and almost died. If pastors like Kumuyi had spoken out when I was fighting this man, perhaps we will not have been so disgraced to have the world’s biggest thief as our leader! And someone had the guts to say “Abacha never stole” #FreeLeahSharibu #RenosDarts