Adeyemi Abayomi:  I Went into Modeling Because of my Height  

My Story

Adeyemi Abayomi is a young model of distinctive style and character which made him one of the finalists of Elite Model Look 2018. He has gone on to grace reputable fashion stages. Adeyemi tells Tosin Clegg about his dreams, modeling, goals and more

How did your modeling journey begin? 

I started modeling because of the fact that I have what it takes, such as the height and looks. These were key things for me, starting out, and I’m grateful for the journey so far today.

What are your goals?

I wish to become successful, would love to see myself on runways in Milan, Paris, London and in as many cities as possible. But modeling as we all know is for a short period of time, as it’s not a forever thing so I’m making as much as I can right now.

Who are your role models and mentors?

My number one mentor is Naomi Campbell and some Nigeria top models like Davidson, Victor, among others. I feel inspired whenever I see them on the runway, during campaign or photo shoot.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

In a few years to come, I see myself as big and successful. I don’t know how that will happen, but I’m sure about it and that’s why I’m working hard towards it today.

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