Hygeia Launches Monthly Payments to Boost UHC in Nigeria


Martins Ifijeh

With monthly payments from only ₦2,950, individuals can now pay online and get reliable and effective health insurance to provide cover for a wide range of medical needs through Hygeia HMO, the Chief Executive Officer, Hygeia HMO, Obinna Abujue has said.

In a statement made available to THISDAY recently, the healthcare manager said the monthly payment options are the most recent in a series of innovations the company has introduced.

He said: “Our mission is simple: to help our members access quality healthcare affordably. The simplicity of this mission statement believes the magnitude of the problem we are committed to solving. Nigerians need access to healthcare that is not only of good quality but affordable enough for them to actually enjoy.

“With pervasive crowdfunding requests on social media by people who urgently need medical care but cannot afford to get it, Hygeia plans offer comfort to those wary of getting in similar straits. With monthly payments of ₦2,950 or ₦5,850, members will get access to coverage for up to ₦500, 000 or ₦850, 000 respectively,” he added.

He said the options provide affordable entry points to millions of Nigerians who have had to go without health insurance because of the burden of bulk annual payments, adding that with the bulk now broken it would be more flexible for Nigerians to negotiate healthcare service.

The CEO, CREDEQUiTY, Tunde Leye, who said the options were launched in partnership with CREDEQUiTY, noted that: “The majority of Nigerians don’t have insurance. Hence health emergencies or even non-emergency situations continue to be a huge burden.

“We were happy to partner Hygeia because we want to change how Nigerians buy and sell so that people don’t have to wipe out their savings to get healthcare”.