IWFI Enhances Organisational Performance

Sunday Ehigiator
The Institute of Work and Family Integration (IWFI) at its recently held 2019 edition of Work and Family conference; themed, ‘Employee Journey: Enhancing Organisational Performance Across Life Changes’, charged employers, and human resources experts to care more about their employees’ family-work balance, dignity and development.

In his welcome address, MD/CEO Ecobank Nigeria Ltd, and a Member, Board of Governors IWFI, Mr. Patrick Akinwunmi said, since its debut in 2014, the Work and Family Conference has focused on conversations around the new trends and challenges in the field of human resources as it pertains work life integration and productivity.

According to him, “The conference also aims at enabling us look beyond our performance management system/structure by examining the impact of policies and the environment on the people and our next generation of workers.

“Over the last five years, discussions at the conference have highlighted the rapidly changing roles in the families, in the wake of growing dual income households, and its impact on family stability in the emergent family ecology, emerging global practices in family responsible policies, corporate family responsibility in challenging times, employee engagement amidst scarce resources and last year’s focus was on Humanistic Management and Employee Experience.

“These dialogues focused on influencing policy review of corporate bodies has been a result of IWFI’s painstaking research in the field of work and family life, which is at the crux of the Institute’s commitment to encourage employers to implement friendly policies for better family, better business and better society.

“In its twelve years of existence, IWFI has devoted its resources and energy in coming up with activities for the business community through its Work-Life Integration Training and Human Capital Development program, our Executive Teachers Program on Integration Student Education, Internet Safety Seminar and Married Couples Relationship (MCR) Programmes are focused on the family. Through our advocacy efforts, our annual Society and Technology Conference and Exhibition and this event – the Work and Family Conference.

“With the continued economic recession in Nigeria and the need for organisations to find creative ways to boost their businesses and keep their employees fully engaged and happy at work. There has also been an increased recognition by organisations on the need to pay close attention to their employee experience in the work place and how it affects their productivity or lack of it.”

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