Okupe Predicts Return of Ambode as Lagos Gov

Doyin Okupe

A former Media Adviser to two past presidents of Nigeria, Dr. Doyin Okupe, has predicted the return of Akinwunmi Ambode as the governor of Lagos state.

Okupe made this prediction on his twitter handle @doyinokupe yesterday, June 2. The post reads, “former Governor Ambode is not my friend. I called him but he never for once picked my call. Yet, I sincerely believe he is an unsung hero. He is an extraordinary, dutiful and diligent performer. He may be a bad politician, but I believe he has learnt his lesson. Ambode will still rule Lagos again, if the Lord tarries”.

While some Nigerians shared the sentiment of Okupe, however, the post did not go down well with other Nigerians that promptly made their positions known through different posts.

Princess Adenike Akindele @kebethdali wrote, “Politics is daunting, it exposes the otherwise private politician, being a bad politician can be quantified in so many ways but let’s not use the ability to pick up random calls as a yardstick because Nigeria is so full of politicians making idle calls with no eventual outcomes”.

Meanwhile, Okupe has insisted that only the will of God would be done in the case of Ambode,  notwithstanding uncomplimentary responses that might have greeted his prediction. He also said that the ways of God are not always the ways of men.

Okupe argued that Ambode would still rule Lagos State the second time.