Monday letter2

It has become a waste of time to speak the truth to power these days. This is not only because those at the corridor of power use such opportunities to take jabs at the messengers and reduce the message to political rhetoric, large number of the led are victims of poor quality mental refinement. Those at the corridor of power take advantage of the poor thought process of the majority of the citizens to feed them with lies, spread propaganda and heartlessly abuse the state of poverty many Nigerians have been put into. Despite these anomalies, those of us that have chosen to speak truth to power will not relent for posterity sake – for the coming generations to look back and see our contributions to national development.

In a country where there is ethnic diversity like Nigeria, the need to promote equity and justice in the running of the country cannot be overemphasised. The attempt to exclude the South-eastern and the South-south in key positions distribution is uncalled for. Commonsensically, the Eastern Region should produce the Senate President, the South-south should produce the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Deputy Senate President can go to any state in the Northern Region while the Deputy Speaker position can come to the Southwest Region to avoid power lopsidedness at the detriment of other resourceful regions. If the All Progressives Congress (APC) should go ahead with its sharing formula for the presiding officers of the National Assembly, they will only be creating more problems that will threaten national unity.

Again, for 2023 sake, the south will overzealously and ignorantly hand power to the north if they do not retrace their steps. It is time we called a spade a spade. The need to include the Southeast and South-south in the sharing formula of the national offices is as important as the unity of this country. Similarly, this will put the south in a better position to clinch power come 2023.

Twenty-twenty three must be for Southeast Presidency. Nigeria belongs to all of us. The Southeast has paid enough price. They deserve our collective support.

Adewale Qudus Lawal,