Corporate Guard Introduces Female Security Pilot Scheme

Sunday Ehigiator


Corporate Guard, a leading security and safety outfit based in Lagos, with operations in over 30 states across the country, has continued to spearhead innovative service delivery in security and safety with the recent introduction of a new  scheme known as ‘Female Security Pilot Scheme’, in Lagos.

With the scheme which includes the deployment of females as pilot drivers, the status of females in the security sector has been elevated, as they are now to play roles just like their male counterparts, who over the years are the only ones employed as pilot drivers by both public and private sector outfits.

Speaking on this new scheme, the head of Corporate Guard, Captain Cynthia Ojemudia, disclosed that it is in line with the company’s matrix of adding value to the sector through constant innovation and changing the face of security in the country.

She added that the scheme was informed by the prevailing security situation in the country, which requires everyone; both male and female, to be security conscious and alert in securing themselves and their environment.

According to her, ‘‘it was informed by the prevailing security situation of the time and it is to change the face of private security in the country.

“The female security pilots are skilled drivers, trained and equipped with defense and security skills and tools. With this, security of people who use the service are not only enhanced but guaranteed as the female pilots are well trained in security and defense driving, with a security mind and very conscious and aware of their environment.

“They operate with the added advantage of being able to ‘turn your car into a weapon when necessary in an emergency or threatening situation by ensuring that the passengers are safely piloted to a secured environment and out of danger and reach off their target.”

Speaking of the societal confidence on the scheme, she said the society will have confidence in the scheme because ‘’people feel safer with women and women too are more dutiful and committed to their task. Nothing for anyone to be afraid of seeing the faces of the pretty looking pilots behind the wheel.”

On future employment, she said the scheme also “offers opportunities for females wishing to pursue a career in the sector as it is opened to females with school certificates and university degrees including OND and HND.

Besides the educational qualification and other added proficiency skills, they are put through a two month rigorous training in security and defensive drills, including professional and security driving by the training arm of the outfit.

“The service is opened to both corporate bodies and individuals requiring professional security outfit to cater for their security and safety round the clock,” she said.

As part of the safety measures, she said the female pilots are insured while the clients are also expected to be insured as well as the vehicles, with the brand of vehicles deployed for the service ranging from either manual or automatic Jeeps, SUVs, vans to buses.

On affordability, she said, “Our service is pocket friendly and very affordable for those who really need the service and appreciate it. And it provide users with necessary security checks before any trip is embarked on.”

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