Again, CAN Seeks Review of Sharia Court, Nigeria’s Membership of OIC


Seriki Adinoyi in Jos

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has again urged the federal government to review Nigeria’s membership of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the operation of Sharia laws and Courts in the country “if our leaders are sincere with their claim that nobody is islamising the country.”

Addressing a press conference yesterday in Jos, the Plateau State capital, the National Director, Legal and Public Affairs of CAN, Mr. Kwamkur Samuel Vondip said,“CAN believes that the foundation for islamisation of Nigeria has since been laid by the makers of the Nigeria Constitution and some previous leaders of Nigeria.

“Particular examples are the provisions made in the Constitution for the operation of Sharia laws and Courts. This makes the common law and the sharia law to be operating in the same constitution. This naturally has divided the nation into two and sets the tone for Islamisation. The implication of this scenario is confusion.

“Furthermore, as we have said before, the registration of Nigeria, (a secular state) as a member of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) by military fiat is a further confirmation of deliberate islamisation of the country.”

CAN also commended the position of the former President Olusegun Obasanjo in which he opened  up against the planned islamisation, noting that “the former President simply repeated what many of our CAN

leaders have said before. We had even taken this in written form to the Presidency for immediate attention.

“If what Obasanjo said should be doubted, what is the justification for the community cleansing by killer Fulani herdsmen who jump on innocent communities in the night, killing them and taking over their communities?

“We never saw any far-reaching steps taken to bring these killer herdsmen to book. What is the justification for the federal government’s effort to create and maintain cattle routes or colony for Fulani herders despite their level of impunity? How can you justify the federal government’s establishment of a radio station for Fulani? Why

can’t strict security measures that silenced the IPOB in few days be taken against Boko Haram and killer Fulani herdsmen?” CAN queried.

Vondip commended Obasanjo’s boldness to speak out at this critical period of the country, adding that “we wonder what will become the fate of Nigeria and Nigerians if respected and bold leaders like Obasanjo are no more there to speak.

“We call on the federal government to take seriously the alarm raised by Chief Obasanjo and act on it if they are to be trusted. Chief Obasanjo has spoken the mind of many people and we urge that he should never be intimidated by government for the sake of peace.”

On the forthcoming election of CAN, the scribe condemned mischievous persons going around to campaign against one another in a process that

is supposed to be more spiritual than carnal. “The election that is supposed to be done under solemn atmosphere is often been heated by mischief makers.”

He said that the structure of CAN as provided for in the association’s constitution is very comprehensive. “All Christian Churches have been carefully grouped under five various blocs for ease of relationship and decision making with their roles and functions clearly stated.

All the delegates at the election or meeting of CAN at all levels are representation of the Christian groupings and blocs on equal basis.”