Superstar Man Of God ….Popular Abuja Pastor Joshua Iginla Acquires Private Jet

joshua Iginla

joshua Iginla

The super exclusive club of superstar men of God that cruise around their air in private jets has just added a new member to their ranks. Apostle Joshua Iginla, founder of Champions Royal Assembly, an interdenominational church in Abuja, recently took delivery of a luxury air cruiser worth billions of naira becoming the latest pastor to achieve this milestone.

The popular preacher who heads the 80,000 capacity “City of Wonder” church headquarters was over the moon as he announced the feat to members during a special church service last Sunday. The firebrand was in his element as he waxed lyrical about the impact the new acquisition will make on his mission to propagate the good news to as many corners of the globe as possible.

As well as being a necessity, the jew jet was also the church’s birthday gift to the man who in little time elevated Champion Royal Assembly from humble beginnings to its current status as a worship centre of choice for the Abuja elites and masses alike. As part of the birthday festivities, he reportedly doled out choice plots of land worth ₦91 million in Abuja to the church pastors and three lucky widows. Over 142 widows also smiled home with ₦150,000 each and a bag of rice.

Recall that another popular pastor Apostle Johnson Suleman recently treated himself to a Hawker BAe 125-800 that might have cost up to $2.9 million. There are fears in some quarters that the two pastors have inadvertently triggered a “jet race” as the remaining men of God compete to keep up with the Joneses.

Pastor Iginla and his church however defended their purchase as a product of necessity rather than vanity. They insist the man of God is so much in demand that he needed a fast means of shuttling between so many countries that require his presence. They claimed it would eliminate the stress of jumping aboard multiple flights to different continents within a single day.

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