Prosperity Preachers Spike Fraudsters


The Head Pastor, Palace Fire Chapel, Joshua Afolabi has frowned on the rise of Internet fraud, kidnapping and diabolical means of getting wealthy, saying that the unbalanced prosperity teachings of some churches and lack of proper parenting are the major causes of these dubious act trending amongst Nigerian youths.  Out of 74 ’email scammers’ arrested by the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation last year, 29 of them were Nigerians in a global operation, internet fraud has reportedly been onward and upward with more Nigerian youths getting themselves enrolled into the dubious act. According to him, “The problem we have is the church because some of us don’t focus on basic teachings, and that is why I don’t joke with teaching, I am a prophet but I don’t prophesy all the time, when the auction comes I do but I teach on attitude character and hard work. Let’s tell them that hard work pays, diligence because what someone keeps hearing he becomes.  

These days women also do the kidnapping, yahoo plus because their family members keep comparing them with their friends, So it’s time for us to go back and start teaching them that it’s not only to pray shout amen. But in other way we are in the end time and all these things must happen the Bible says gross darkness shall darken the people but the Lord will save his people.” Speaking on the role of the family to curb internet fraud in the country, pastor Akeem Idoniboye, a Port Hacourt base minister said “we have to make greater demands on parents on raising children, earlier one person’s child is everybody’s child but it’s not the same now, but the child you don’t train will come back and hurt children, that is why you have to pay a seed of word,  kindness and correction .