You Can’t Run Govt on Ad-hoc, Ndume Warns

Ali Ndume

Michael Olugbode in Maiduguri

The Senator representing Borno South in the National Assembly, Ali Ndume, yThursday lamented that the bane of under-development in the country is the running of government on ad-hoc.

Ndume, who is one of the contenders for the position of the Senate President of the yet-to-be inaugurated 9th Assembly; said government should be run on well -articulated plan and not on ad-hoc.

He equally urged governments at all levels to ensure security of lives and property.

According to him, government could be forgiven if all it has to offer is security and perhaps nothing more.

He said without security, every other thing is on a standstill as people would even be afraid to leave their home to source for living.

On his expectations from the governor of his home state, Prof. Babagana Umara, the lawmaker said: “My first advice to Governor Zulum is that he should have a master-plan that he wants to achieve in the first four years which will serve as his blueprint for action.”

He also advised that the governor should embrace the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, insisting that right now in Borno, what the people need first is security.

He asked the new governor to cooperate with the security agencies in order to encourage them in doing more in securing the lives and property of the people.

He said doing so will bring in economic fortune with the expansion of territories to which the people can have access to farmlands and other economic activities.

Ndume said: “My advice to him is to run government not on ad-hoc basis. Government should be run with plans. For instance, this year, I am going to achieve A, B and C, and you know where the resources should be coming from. So when you do that, you know that you have finished with A, then B, followed by C.

“You know that when government is run on adhoc and somebody comes in the morning and say let’s do this, and you will move to another local government, they will say we don’t have borehole and you go and do that. When government started operating on adhoc basis without planning, it is not going to work.

“The first thing I told him is that he should have a master plan that of what to achieve within these four years and that will serve as his blueprint for action, it is very important.

He called on the governor to introduce massive agricultural policies that will make food available to the citizens in addition to provision of farm implements to farmers especially in areas where peace has returned for farming.