MTF Networking Portal Introduces Instant Messaging Feature

MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) has announced that the recently-launched MTF Networking Portal will now include a real-time messaging component that will enable connected members to network and interact directly with each other. This new feature forms part of the MTF initiative’s commitment to ignite Africa’s creative industries.

Launched in March, the portal is a pan-African, film and television digital marketplace for information about all aspects of this creative industry. The portal offers open, cost-free access to film creatives across Africa to showcase their talent, access opportunities, stay up to date with industry news and expand their industry network. To date, the portal has over 15,000 registered profiles.

The new messaging component will allow anyone with a registered profile to connect with any other creative within the portal’s network in real-time. Femi Odugbemi, the Academy Director of MultiChoice Talent Factory AcademyWest Africa, says that this added function makes the portal an even more valuable platform for film professionals and emerging creatives in the industry.

“Collaboration and knowledge-sharing is what our industry is built upon and no one knows this better than MultiChoice who collaborates with hundreds of creatives daily to feed our content platforms. Now that the world is paying even more attention to African stories, it’s important that we have our own platform that understand and support the complexities of making films and TV in Africa. I feel privileged to be part of these game changing initiatives for the industry,” said Odugbemi.

The portal is the third touchpoint of the shared-value initiative, following the launch of the MTF Academy in three regions and the MTF Masterclasses. Launched in 2018, the MTF Academy is a 12-month film training programme aimed at upskilling the next generation of passionate young film creatives. Following the successful start of its inaugural year, the MTF Academy is currently searching for 20 aspiring film and TV creatives from both Nigeria and Ghana, to be part of the Class of 2019. Emerging filmmakers are required to apply for entry on the MultiChoice Talent Factory website before June 2019.

Selected students of the MTF Academy will be a part of the 1 year sought-after and fully funded programme at the West Africa Academy located in Lagos and headed by industry leader, Femi Odugbemi.

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