IFMA, LASIAMA Commemorate 2019 World FM Day

Fadekemi Ajakaiye

The Nigeria Chapter of International Facility Management Association IFMA, alongside Lagos State Infrastructure Asset Management Agency (LASIAMA), celebrated 2019 World FM Day and launch of the “Lagos State is Maintenance Cultured Initiative” recently in Lagos.

The General Manager, LASIAMA, Mr. Oladele Williams introduced the Maintenance Cultured Initiative, as a policy birthed under the visionary leadership of the Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode.

He stated that the initiative is aimed at changing the status quo in the operation, use, maintenance and performance of infrastructure as a deliberate action to build capacity, create jobs and ensure sustainability of all Lagos State Government physical assets within and outside the borders of Lagos.

The vision is to establish a culture of maintenance and to champion the benefits of good maintenance practices across Lagos, he said.

The Lagos State Government has the most holistic and aggressive maintenance implementation agenda in Nigeria and is the first state with an Agency dedicated to Infrastructure Management & Maintenance, with a commitment to strategic partnerships with stakeholders to ensure optimal performance of its assets in a sustainable and socio- economic manner, he said

Williams stated that the implementation arm, Lagos State Infrastructure Asset Management Agency (LASIAMA), under the Ministry of Works & Infrastructure is charged with the management and maintenance of the vast portfolio of Lagos State Government Infrastructure Assets that are in the custody of Ministries, Departments & Agencies either within the confines of Lagos State or outside of its borders.

He said it is a labour-intensive agency that enables the convergence of several disciplines including maintenance, finance, project management, data management, information technology and engineering.

We can attest to the massive investments in infrastructural rehabilitation and development state-wide over the past 20 years, through which the Lagos State Government has aggressively martialled an unprecedented drive and implementation of the state’s infrastructure development policy ensuring that significant investments are made to improve the delivery, operation, performance and maintenance of physical infrastructure, he said.

As part of statutory responsibility, LASIAMA takes ownership and employs world-class facility management methodologies to ensure these assets perform optimally and do not become redundant nor fall into a state of disrepair, he said.

He urged all practitioners operating within the space, not registered with IFMA, to do so in order to collaborate on a stakeholder’s forum in the near future to discuss industry issues and put facility management and maintenance on the front burner. He assured that collective actions towards building the facility management industry in Nigeria will be sustained and built upon.

The Centre Director, Lagos State Diagnostic and Forensic Centre, Dr Richard Somiari, a speaker at the event emphasised on facility management as critical to an organisation’s function and productivity.

He gave the definition of facility as anything that is built, installed or established for a specific purpose. A tangible asset without which we cannot function, while the efficient and effective delivery of support services for an organization that is served is facility management.

He stated that management must be tailored to each organisational need, and one size does not fit all. The facility management team must study and familiarise themselves with manuals and other framework guiding the organisation.

He stated that facility management is important as it helps maximize the overall investment in a business; provide a conducive work environment; optimize productivity; ensure that the entire facility operates safely and efficiently.

Also, it prolongs the life of equipment, instruments, furniture and all components of the facility; reduce the risk of equipment failure; ensure that the facility meets regulatory standards and statutory obligations; reduce running cost, he said.

Another speaker at the event, Engr Olumide Aina stated that standards are everything and must be adhered to. They are the benchmark in everything that we do, he said.

Standards are fundamental to operating in a truly sustainable global environment, and offer: a common language across borders; it provides consistent and accurate reporting, greater confidence and reduced risk. It also increases transparency and professionalism, he said.

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