Who is After Kingsley Kuku? Rumours of Arrest Trail Former Amnesty Boss

Kingsley Kuku

More haste, less speed, cautions a time-honoured saying on the virtues of patience. And if Kingsley Kuku could turn back the hands of time, he would have chosen to stay on the long but certain road rather than try to get ahead through a glittering, gleaming shortcut that promised much but delivered nothing except painful deportation.

At least that is the rumour being peddled in town about the former head of the Amnesty programme during the tenure of President Goodluck Jonathan. The rumour, which has been debunked by Kuku’s lawyers as nothing more than the figment of a malicious imagination, claimed that Kingsley Kuku is currently licking his wounds and kicking himself in Ghana where he has been dumped by US immigration. According to this outlandish gossip, the eagle-eyed men of the United States immigration service caught him with his pants down as he tried to orchestrate a green card status for himself by arranging a marriage with a US citizen.

Kuku had allegedly sought refuge in the United States in fear of persecution by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission who are looking to bring him in to answer questions concerning how he handled a 6.2 billion contract while he held sway atop the Presidential Amnesty programme. Somehow, claimed the purported expose published by one online organization, he managed to secure asylum on grounds of political persecution in his home country. However, part of the conditions for his continued stay in America was that he must not travel to the country he fled from in the first place.

The publication claimed Kuku flouted the stipulations by going for an arranged marriage interview where he was busted by the US Immigration. All of Kuku’s pleas thereafter fell on deaf ears as his asylum was revoked and he was bundled into the nearest international flight bound for Africa. He was deported to Ghana which was his chosen destination. He was afraid that the EFCC would be on to him in a jiffy if he had been returned to Nigeria instead.

Since the outrageous rumour surfaced, not a few people have been wondering who could be after the well-connected dude who has been in the United States to pursue a doctoral degree. He was initially flown abroad to undergo surgery on a troubling knee and has been combining his recuperation with academic pursuits.

It, therefore, came as a rude shock to many when his name suddenly became associated with green card racketeering out of nowhere. According to those in the know, Kuku is miffed at the development and has instructed his lawyers to deal with the perpetrators of the name-tarnishing story through any and all possible legal means